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6 MONDAY, JUNE 19, 2017 photo news •L-R: Chairman, Senate Committee on Rules and Business, Senator Baba Garubai; Cross River State Deputy Governor, Prof. Ivara Esu;and Commissioner for Health, Dr Inyang Asibong, during the presentation of Tell Magazine Governor of the Year Award to the Cross River State Governor in Lagos ...on Saturday. Photo: Cross River State Government •L-R: President, Nigerian Gas Association, Mr. Dada Thomas; Managing Director, NIPCO Plc, Mr. Sanjay Teotia; Vice-President, NGA, Mrs. Audrey Joe-Ezigbo; and Chairman, Independent Petroleum Producers Group, Mr. Ademola Adeyemi-Bero, at a forum in Lagos ...on Friday. Photo: NIPCO LASG brings back LAKE Rice Sesan Olufowobi T hE Lagos State Government on Sunday said it was desirous of achieving food security in the state, adding that it was the reason LAKE Rice was brought back to be sold from Monday (today). The rice was the product of the state’s collaboration with Kebbi State and was first sold during Yuletide. The Commissioner for Agriculture, Mr. Oluwatoyin Surau, explained that the government resumed the sale of the product so that Lagosians could cope with the current economic recession. he said, “Governor Akinwunmi Ambode is ready to do all he can to achieve food security and create more jobs. The sale of the product is also auspicious, especially with regard to the forthcoming Eid-el-fitr celebration. Lagos wants residents to fund security Sesan Olufowobi T hE Lagos State Government says all Lagosians can partner the government to improve security across the state by contributing to the Lagos State Security Trust Fund. The Executive Secretary of LSSTF, Dr Abdulrazaq Balogun, on Sunday said the government had sealed a deal with a telecommunications firm, MTN Nigeria Limited, on how more Lagosians could donate to improve on the security architecture of the state. Balogun said the development was part of the strategy to provide a wide range of avenues for people to participate in securing the state. Balogun said, “Through the partnership, MTN subscribers would be able to donate at least N50 to the fund at a time by just texting, ‘hELP to 9999.’ If Lagosisans make it a continuous effort, we are confident that we will be able to do more about security. “The LSSTF has donated and it is still donating several equipment and vehicles to security agencies in the state to enhance their capability to perform optimally towards securing lives and property. “The initiative to partner MTN is another platform to allow majority of the people to contribute to the fund and join hands with the present administration in the state under the leadership of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode to further improve on the security in the state.” While emphasising on the need to view security as everybody’s business, Balogun assured Lagosians that the LSSTF would continue to make judicious use of the funds in its possession to create robust security architecture for the state. Acquire managerial skills, Ambode Afeez Hanafi tells directors T •L-R: Group Executive, Finance, Ecobank Transnational Incorporated, Mr. Greg Davis; Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ade Ayeyemi; Chairman, Emmanuel Ikhazoboh; and non-Executive Director, Tei Mante, during the Annual General Meeting of ETI in Lome, Togo ...on Friday. Photo: Ecobank “The rice has been subsidised by the government and is available at different sizes and at approved outlets. The subsidy will make the product affordable for an average resident.” Suarau said the government, through the Ministr 䁽ɥձɔ)ݽձ)ɔ)))ɥѥѡɥɽ)ѡхє)ͅѡ1)Mхєɥ%ЁM)ѡɥ ɕ́Ё=)%ɽ԰)ݕ́ѡ͕ɕхɥ́)ѡ܁ٕɹЁ)չٕ)ɕ́ѡхє)ѽݥѠѡɥȁͅ)Ѽɕ̸ͥ+qQٕɹЁ)Ёѡɥ)Ʌ́1-)Iݽձͽ)8Ȱݡѡխ(ݥͽЁ8ذ)8Ȱɕѥٕ䳊t)MՅɅԁ)ٕɹȁ1)Mхє)չ)́ͅѡɔ́ѡ)ȁɕѽ́ѡ)хє٥͕٥Ѽեɔ)ѥٔЁͭ)Ѽ͕ٔѡѕȸ)ͅՍͭ)ݕɔѡѕɴɅѕ)ɕեɕѼѡхє)ɔ٥)ݡ)ɥ䁅Ёѡ)ɕ䁽ݼ)Ʌ%1̰)хѕѡЁ啕)Ёͼɥ)ѡͥ)ɽ͕̰ɝ)ѥս́ɕɅ))ݡ)݅)ɕɕ͕ѕ))ѡ) ͥ))х̰͡)QɅ)A̰ͥȁ ͽ)=ͅq%Ё́ɽչ)ѡаЁѡѡ)Ʌхa%ѥ她)ѥٔ)5)MɅѕ́ȁѡ1)MхєAՉM٥d)ԁѕݥ)ѡ͔ѡ)Ʌ͍ɝ)ѥ́ɑ+q=́ѡЁѼٔ)ѥٔɅѕ䁥́)ѡѱѼѥٕ)Ʌѕ䁥)ٕѡ+qQɔѡЁѡ͔)ͥ́ɔݕ)ѡѥձѕɅѕ)ɕѥɅѕ)́Ё)ɱɕѕѼѡ)Օ́ѡЁt)QAɵЁMɕх)=х͡)QɅͅ)=չ)ͅ)ѡ)ɕѽ)ݕɔ))ɕͥѥȁ)͕٥