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metro Kung fu kicks: Nigerians demand 4 MONDAY, JUNE 19, 2017 ... City, Crime, Courts Samson Folarin S OME Nigerians have demanded the arrest and prosecution of Master Wan, a Chinese employee of Bedmate Furniture Company, who allegedly crippled a worker, William Ekanem, with Kung fu kicks on the premises of the company. On different social media platforms, including PUNCH Online , Nigerians also asked the Ogun State Police Command to sanction the Divisional Crime Officer of the Ibafo Police Station for allegedly taking N50,000 bribe. PUNCH Metro had reported that Ekanem, who had worked with the Construction worker commits suicide after sacking • Scene of the incident Photo: Samson Folarin Samson Folarin T HE corpse of a construction worker has been found dangling from a rope tied to a mango tree at Isoto, Ajasa Command, in the Alimosho area of Lagos State. The victim, identified as Water, was said to be among those working on the construction of the Command-AIT Road. The corpse was said to have been found opposite the Alade Stadium end of the road. The deceased was reportedly sacked recently, which residents claimed could be the reason for the suicide. PUNCH Metro learnt that the corpse was spotted around 2pm on Sunday by a resident, who raised the alarm. People in the community were said to have raced to the spot where the body was found. A member of the landlords’ association in the area reportedly contacted policemen from the Meiran division. A resident and witness, who spoke with our correspondent around 6pm, said although the police had arrived at the scene, the corpse was still dangling from the tree. He said, “There is scanty information about the man. He was found by someone in this \XH\[ H[H\ۈZ\YH[\K'Hܛو[H]HY[Z[[\[HܜH[B[H]ۈHY[\]HKY]BXXܚܜܘ][ۋܚ][]HXˈHY[x&\š\[ۈH\ HX[ۈ\X\Y[X\]KHX[\˜[[ۙHܚ\[\YYHH]]HۜX[ۈ\[BܚۈH[X[ PRUY H\ۈZ[H^K]\œX[HXY ]X^HHHX\ۈ܈HZXYK'BH\Y[\ܜ\ۙ[]HX[H[&]]HY[[YH[[ۙHX]\HوHZ[[HB[HوH[Y[ 'YH\Z[\HHYH\ۜH[]HܙX[YY[[H[]HYH\\YK[\H\Yۂو[\Y\ۈ[HY\]H\X][X]YܙBZ[[Y 8'HHYY SY]X\]YH[[[H\HHB[HYY[[]YHHXHXZH][Y[˂H\Y[]\ZYٙXX[وH]H[\ۛY[[X[[ۚ]ܚ[[]Y\]Y]H[H[[ݙHBܜK'YHܚ\]RUH]H\[[ݙYHK^B[]^H\YX\]HوHYK8'HHYY H]HXHXX[][ۜٙX\\[H[[\PKۙ\YYH[Y[ []HܜHYY[\]Y[HYXZ[[][[ܝX\H܈]]K'H\H\Y[[ٙ\YH]\[ۘ[ܚ[YH[܈\\[\Y][ۋ8'HHYY  N LM K  MLLNM[\Hܚ\Y\[H[H YBۙ۝][ۈ]X\\[Y][YH[\[ M›ݙ\YHYB^YX\[YHB[܋H[\HX[\˜[YY]H\Y\š[H[ۈHX[KX[[HHHX˜[[\[[HۈB\ HX[H\Z[YX[][ \\H\HH\Z[][HX][Y\HܛY\][[YYHZYH\[Bۙ][ۋH܈]][HX [ٚ[]\ZYHX[H\Z[Y[\Y\XYXY\›[ؚ[]KY[]\B\H8'و[XXܘ[\]\K[\X]Y]\[\\H\[[š[\[X[]H[[[^ 'Bٚ[[ZYB\[HX[ۙYZ[[H]\][ HX[HY[˜[YY]HوXY˜XYL HB[\H\[H[B[H\XK[YH\[x&\›]Y\Y\ۙ™[]Z\Y\HSY]HY\X[X[Y\وH\[KZ[ZYHX[H\][[˂HXHXX”[][ۜٙX\X[XBY^Y[ZKYZYHXY‘]\[ۘ[XHٙX\\›ۈHXX[\YۛY[[XZYY\KZ\[]X\ܜ\ۙ[]\Y\X[]\[Y܈\XH܈HX[K^\[\\[Y[[HXH[HY\X[\[HX[Y\Z[ۈSۛ[KBXY\ؚYZ\H[^KZY 8'X\S]\\[H^\]B\[Z\Y[\[\HXHوHX[\[Y\XKX\H۸&][\ܞHYK]\ۛB(Z[[B[Y\XH]]^[\B[\Y][HܙZYۙ\˜[H[X\[H\^KY\[\H^H]]^B]\[]\HYB[YHۈ[]H[Y\XK'B[\XY\Z[ZY ']\]Z]H[ܝ[]H]HY\X[[HX]YZH\[\ۈ[B]Hۛ][Hو\”Έ[Bܚ\[[\HYY^[YBH[XY[Hو^[“[HKZ[BH\]KY[^ZBۙ\ZZKY]K\˜Y[]Y]\\œ[HHܚ\]ܙY[ܛ HYX[\HۈB\]K[YYH[Y\[\H[XHKSY]X\]H[Y[\[Y\[HۈY^H]B\KXH ^YX\[[\HX[[\Y\˜H\Y[K]\ZY]H\X  ^YX\[XZH[[H\X[ܚ\ۙXZY[–x&\\\Y[[HB\\Y\[ݙ\Y\H]H[[BY]Y \ܜ\ۙ[]\Y]H\XY\Z[Y]H\X[H\\Y[K[XYY8'X[]\'B]^KۙK[[\ܝYB[XYH\\Y[[[YYHHX] [ X[ۙYHXX\Y ]YH\\]B\]H]KX\X[YH]]HX\[œX[Y[\ܜ\ۙ[]\Y][[\Z\Y\HY[[KY\Z[Y\ۋX]\[]ۂ[KHX\]HX\ BSY]ۈۙ][ۂو[۞[Z]KZYH\X[[\\YHB]K]H[X\Y\šY[]H[[\YۙHوBX[Y[HZY 8'H\]HX\]B\[\H]^B[H]HX[[[ZY H[Y\H]B\KYY H\[˜HZ\و\\[\Z[˜HYܘ\Y]H\ۂ\XY 'H[]X[HHX[܈BXY\ۋ]Y\H\H\ݙ\Y]H\’ZXZH [[KH\Y[H]\ܛۙ[BH\\YZH] BZYH\[ܞH[]H\]Z][\؈]BH\[KH\YYB\ۈ]Y[HH\[H\]\KBZY˂'H[Y\Y[B\ۋ]HY\Y B\]Y\YۛH۝[وHY][KH\œ[X[ ']\[HX[YB\X[\[[YBX[X[\]B]H]YKH[\]Y([[š[H[ܘY[H[BYˈHY۝Z[YHق\ HYHX[X[H\[K\HH[HX[XY 'BHX\ZY[[\š[Yݙ\HXH]BPS[H]\[ۋ[\ܜ\ۙ[