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26 MONDAY, JUNE 19, 2017 viewpoint Imperatives of returning to the negotiation table even unarmed street demonstrations had been met with killings censoj@gmail.com; 08127235995 censoj@gmail.com; 08127235995 and unwarranted abuse iGEriA is currently witnessing of fundamental rights. all types of avoidable agitations. The security forces will always deny incidentally, most of these agitations their involvement, offer no apologies are not new. They have been with or remedies for those killed and the us for so long; although some have executive arm of government will put mutated to become dominant in the a spin on it. A number of reports from political and economic discourse. in international organisations including the political sphere, we have the call Amnesty international have revealed the for self-determination in the South- truth about the killings; that the security East, an offshoot of the Biafra struggle; forces took away life extrajudicially and the relatively muted silence of the without the due process of law. Thus, in Niger Delta; the resurgent Boko Haram order not to be caught in a cross fire, the terrorism and Fulani herdsmen and majority of the residents of the South- farmers wrangles. in hushed tones, East stayed indoors to safeguard the most many Nigerians are discussing the health fundamental of the fundamental rights, status of the President and the likely which is God’s gift of life. scenario in the event of the unthinkable. What followed has been a bedlam All these are happening towards the with the Northern Youth Coalition June 12 anniversary. The struggle for asking the igbo to leave the North by the political space is intensifying with no October 1, 2017 and threatened a mop clear resolution mechanisms in place. up exercise for those who failed to leave The indigenous People of Biafra after that date. indeed, the hate speech successfully organised a sit-at-home called for the secession of the North from campaign on the 50th anniversary of the Nigeria as well and re-echoed a quest declaration of the state of Biafra. The for the “abandonment” of properties sit-at-home was a remembrance of the when the declaration materialises. This millions who died in the Biafra War and has attracted condemnations from also a protest against the perceived unfair several well-meaning Nigerians and treatment of the people of the South-East organisations. The police and the Kaduna extraction in the Nigerian federation State Governor, Mallam Nasir el-Rufai, since the end of the war. This is not the have ordered the arrest of the leaders of first time a sit-at-home campaign had the NYC but as of the time of writing this been called by iPOB or the Movement discourse, no one had been arrested. On for the Actualisation of the Sovereign the other hand, a group in the Niger Delta State of Biafra. But, none of the previous has called on northern interests to leave calls recorded this level of success. The the Niger Delta region. truth is that there were many persons As if to say that these are not sufficient, who would not have heeded the call but Boko Haram carried out bombings in for the show of force and militarisation the last week killing many innocent of the South-East by the security forces civilians. it will be recalled that the some days to the date. Federal Government had stated that it Many recalled that previous encounters had technically defeated Boko Haram. But between the groups and security forces, the truth is that many internally displaced Eze Onyekpere N persons cannot go back to their homes due to insecurity in the region. Even for those that had gone back, many cannot go to their farms to start earning a living for their families. All these are happening against the background of rumours of the possibility of a coup which was brought to the open by no less a person than the Chief of Army Staff, lt Gen Tukur Yusuf Buratai. in Benue State, there has been a running exchange of words between the government and the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association after the Benue State House of Assembly passed a law prohibiting open grazing. The herdsmen- farmers crisis has re-echoed in so many states of the federation, from Taraba, to Edo, Delta, Enugu and Kaduna. At the economic level, it has been long Nigeria witnessed the present kind of collapse in its gross domestic product and its growth, job losses, high inflation rate, high lending rates and an economy that is generally in recession. it is not just about economic recession alone, but the fact that no discernible pathway has been opened for sustainable growth beyond the hope that oil prices will continue to stabilise for the time being. 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