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16 MONDAY, JUNE 19, 2017 HEALTHWISE ... personal health, fitness, diet & weight issues S iNUS infection, the cause of untold misery among the afflicted, strikes about 200 million people worldwide. On the surface, the cause of the infection is not difficult to identify. It is a blockage of tiny holes that connect your nasal passages to your sinuses (basically a collection of hollow, moist cavities that lurk beneath your nose, eyes, and cheeks). When gunk builds up in your sinuses, germs may grow and make you feel, well, hideous. But the cause of the blockage is sometimes trickier to figure out. A young man shared his ordeal with me during a medical mission on an island in Epe, Lagos. He was sent by the community health worker to our diabetes and hypertension screening. His test was within normal range and he was counselled on the need to be referred to a secondary facility for treatment. He later opened up and told me his medical history. The man’s story: “i am 38 years-old and i have suffered from chronic sinusitis all my life. As a child, i was always going to the paediatrician, but as soon as one infection cleared up, another would start. it has been this way ever since. “i was scheduled for 08116759793 @ BAdebayoPunch 08163528868 health_wise@punchng.com How to manage sinus problems (1) Rotimi Adesanya Child and Public Health Physician roayad@yahoo.com 08037202050 surgery by an ENT surgeon but declined due to fear. i have had allergy injections three times a week for my whole life. i’m allergic to pets, dust mite, groundnut and mould. Of course, irritants like smoke, air pollution and smells of chemical substances make life even worse. “i’m constantly on antibiotics, steroids, nasal spray and allergy medication. My sinus infections often turn into bronchitis (lung infection) and this last time, into viral pneumonia. i cough constantly, lose sleep, miss work and catch any virus going around. Now, i’ve been diagnosed with migraine and cluster headaches that are triggered by the sinus headaches. All this has made me become frustrated.” Th