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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2017 T he Lagos State Police Command said it had commenced investigation into the case of alleged robbery by a cop in the state. The spokesperson for the command, ASP Olarinde Famous-Cole, in a statement on Tuesday, however, said the attack was not reported by the victim. Police investigate alleged robbery by cop Samson Folarin PUNCH Metro had reported that a 41-year-old commuter, Henry, was attacked by some assailants on his way to work. He was alleged to have been dispossessed of his ATM card and N4,000 at gunpoint by the suspects, whose cab he boarded. During the attack, one of the assailants’ ID card was alleged to have fallen into Henry’s luggage, which was later discovered to be that of a policeman. Henry was rushed to the Accident and Emergency Centre at the Toll gate end of the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway where he was treated for the injuries he sustained during the attack. Famous-Cole said, “The command 5 will like to inform the public that no formal or official report of this alleged incident has been made at any of our divisions. “However, investigation to ascertain the veracity of the incident has commenced and the command is assuring the public that the findings of the investigation will be made public.” Mike Okiro, defrauds lawmakers’ relatives, friends account numbers into which payments were made. We had about four account numbers and we had withdrawn close to N400,000. There is a place in Onitsha where we buy pre-registered SIM cards. That was where I • Oregbu, Ebuzoma Photo: Samson Folarin got the telephone number I used.” His accomplice, Faith Oregbu, denied knowledge of the scam, saying she thought Ebuzoma was receiving payments from popular Ponzi scheme, MMM. The 23-year-old said the suspect had only paid her N26,000 since they met. She said, “A friend of mine, Chidiebere, had collected my account number, saying she was expecting someone to send money to her. When I got an alert of N70,000, she told me a man would come for it. “He (Ebuzoma) called shortly afterwards and we met at a bank where I withdrew the money. He gave me N5,000 from the money and said I should take N4,000 and give Chidiebere N1,000. “Later, he asked me for another bank account. He said my account had been blocked. I sent him three account numbers and told him to pick one from them. Since we met, I have withdrawn about N290,000 for him and he has paid me a total of N26,000. grants kidnappers N200,000 bail prosecuted.” However, the Ogun State Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Abimbola Oyeyemi, said the police lacked the power to re-arrest the suspects for the same offence they had been arraigned. He said, “I am not aware of the petition yet. The police have the power to arrest, investigate and charge a suspect to court, while the court has the discretion to grant or deny anybody bail. It is not a police matter. “There is nothing we can do on a matter that is already in court unless after they have been granted bail, we find out through our investigation that there is another offence they can be arraigned for. But if it is the same offence they have been arraigned for, there is nothing we can do. We have to wait for the court to determine their case.” Fire guts Ondo market, destroys goods Peter Dada, Akure G oods estimated at millions of naira were lost on Tuesday after fire ravaged a market in the Road Block area of Akure, Ondo State. PUNCH Metro learnt that some of the items destroyed in the fire were foodstuffs, barbing equipment, textile materials, among others. A source said the fire started around 2am. He said, “The fire began at a point we have not yet identified and spread to the locked up shops in the market. We believe it was caused by a power surge. No one was around when it started.” The source added that the fire would not have wrecked much havoc if the men of the Ondo State Fire Service had responded on time when a distress call was put across to them. Another source said some of the affected traders had just stocked their shops in preparation for the Yuletide. One of the affected traders, Mr. Paul Emmanuel, who described the incident as tragic, said he rushed down to the market when he was informed that his shop had been gutted by fire. “So many goods worth millions of naira have been lost. This is very painful because Christmas is just around the corner. “We called the fire service office on the telephone, but they didn’t pick their calls on time and we had to drive down to their office to drag them here,” he said. Another trader, Mrs. Abimbola Adesanya, appealed to the state Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, to assist the victims with funds to cushion the effect of the disaster. The Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Mr. Femi Joseph, who confirmed the incident, said the matter was not reported to the police. “I was not confident enough to ask him where the money was coming from. But when I asked my friend, Chidiebere, she said it was from MMM. So, I thought the money was from MMM. Knowing the source of the money now makes me feel sad, embarrassed and ashamed.” Badmos, while warning job seekers to beware of fraudsters demanding money in exchange for employment, said the suspects would be arraigned in court at the end of investigations. Research workers hospitalised after police, students clash Olufemi Atoyebi, Ibadan T wo workers of the Institute of Agricultural Research and Training, Moor Plantation, Ibadan, Oyo State, are receiving treatment at the University College, Ibadan, after they were hit by bullets during a clash between the police and students of the Federal College of Agriculture, Ibadan on Monday. The college, the research institute and the Federal College of Animal Health and Technology share the same premises at the Moor plantation. Crisis erupted on Monday when the students of FCA clashed with the police during a protest against their inability to receive lectures due to a disagreement between the school Provost, Dr Babajide Adelekan, and the lecturers. Our correspondent, who visited the UCH on Tuesday, observed that one of the injured, Mrs. Helen Adekanmi, who works at the Crop Production Unit of the research institute, was admitted to the South- West 1 ward of the hospital after a surgery on Monday vBFR'VWBW&6VBF&VvW"fVB'WGW&VB'B`W"vW"&FVFVv6R6VB@7VvVW"6'&W7FV@f6FVBW"BFRv&BFPV&Ɩ2&VF2ff6W"bFP7FGWFR"FV旖צB6BFRƖ6R7G&'VWB@W"vVFW6BFv&G2FPff6W2bFR7FGWFR6֗72&R'W6vv2'6W'frW GW7G&G&r&w&PBFR7FGWFRv2&VpGFVFVBFBFRVW&vV76&RVBbFRT4गBv2V&BFB'VW@6W&6VBF&VvW"Vg@Fv6W6r6WfW&RFvPFFRVr'Bg&FRGvv&W'0bFR7FGWFRGvfV6W0&VvrFV7GW&W'2bd4vW&RfFƗ6VBvRFP7GVFVG26VBFBVvB`FV"6VwVW2vW&RW&VBFW6&VgWFVBƖ6P6FBVvBƖ6Rf0vW&RFvVBGW&rFPV&W7BRbFR7GVFVG2vFVFfVB6Vbǒ0FV6B( FR&FW7@v2V6VgVBf'7BBv2F( "RbFRf7F07&VFRv&VW72FvBvPfR&VVf6rf"FR7@F&VRF2FR7FGWFআB&VV&7F6ǒ66V@GW&rFRW&B&V@Ɩ6VVg&FPFFf66RBvPW&W76VBW"w&Wf6W2FFV( F'G֖WFW2FW"FW&WGW&VBvFwV2BFV v2FW6BBW2BvPvVB&6FFR7FGWF@66VBW"vFW2FV֖WFW0FW"FW&WGW&VBvF&W&VBW'6V6'&W'2v6FWG&fR&VBFP66FWGF6VBW2vF2W2BwV2( FW6RvFF&VRf0BRv2fFƗ6VBƖ6Vv2W&VBvPF6RbW"6VwVW0FBvW&RW&VBF7FWRW7FFRBFWvW&P&VV7FVBFR6֗76W bƖ6RFR7FFRw0&WBW"&&VBPBWBW2BFR66vVVBFR77VRvR&Rr&Fr6FV2vRFBfRVFFWGF6VBW2f'7BBvPfRfFVWfFV6RvRF@BF&r7FW2BFRƖ6RFWVFW&VBFR66@&VBW2W( ХFR66( 2767FB6V`FV6v7BF6vv6VBFB26"v0FvVBFR&FW7B6@FR6"v2&VBWG6FRFP&V֗6W2vVFR7GVFVG06VBFRvFR( FRwV6G27FVBF&VPW'2vVB7FVBvV@FFRג6"'WBWB@fFƗ6VCF( BrvFBB( R6BFW"v&W"bFR66vFW66B26"v0&VBWG6FRFR66vFPBFBvVR&WGW&VBFFVfV֒FV&6BBv2FvVBvV6F7FVBf 6VB7GW&R6vpƖ6VvFR@6VV֖vǒGF6r7GVFVBFR7FFRƖ6RV&Ɩ2&VF0ff6W"FVVR6V'WGR6BBv2RbFRvV0&V6fW&VBg&FR7GVFVG2( FBRv2RbFPvV2&V6fW&VBg&FP7GVFVG2Ɩ6VVF( @W6RRvWfW"7FV@FB7GW&RƖR2&Vp֗66WfW2( RFFVB6V'WGR6BRv2@v&RFBFRƖ6R6B@RvR6F&V7FpW"6'&W7FVBFFP7FFR6֗76W"bƖ6R&GVGVFRf"gW'FW 6VG2vRFV疖rFR6ЧFBFRƖ6R6BFRf7F2GVFR67W6VBFR7GVFVG2`&Vr76W76bf&V&2आR6B( FR7GVFVG2@f&V&2FV"76W767VFGv7GVFVG2vW&P'&W7FVBvF67F6FV@f&V&2&FbPv26BB6FR7GVFVG2FR7GW&RbƖ6VআFrRv2w&vǐVFW'7FB( ФVvRBv2vFW&V@FB6R7GVFVG2bFP66GVW6FvVBFR&vRBFW7G&V@v72vFw2bFR66'VFw266&FrF6W&6RFR7GVFVG2FFR7F&V6W6RffRbFV"6VwVW0vW&R'&W7FVB'FRƖ6R6V7FvFFR7&62आR6BFRWF2@77VVB#BֆW"VFGVЧFFRƖ6RgFW"v6FWvVB'W&FvFPF֖7G&FfRFW'FVB`FR66bFV"6VwVW0vW&RB&VV6VB