Epunchng - Most read newspaper in Nigeria Wednesday November 15 2017 - Page 46

46 WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2017 sports Dolphins beat Ghanaian champions in friendly ’Tana Aiyejina D o l p h i ns B a s k e t b a l l Club of Lagos on Tuesday defeated Ghanaian champions Braves of CEPS 55-46 in a friendly played at the ultra- modern indoor hall of the Dolphins sports centre in Lagos. Braves, the basketball team of the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority, were also beaten by the 2015 Nigerian champions on Monday. Dolphins went into the break leading 24-22 in a tough and entertaining duel and then held on to win the third quarter 35-32 before a late rush of points saw them overcome the Ghanaians. Despite the win, Dolphins coach, Ochuko Okworogun, said her team didn’t play to expectations, adding that they would work on the lapses discovered in the game. She said, “The Ghanaians were better today but we didn’t play to expectations. Sometimes you win but you know you should have done better, that’s what happened to us in both games. If we played against a team not as good as Nigerian clubs and we struggled, it means when we meet a better Nigerian team, it will be difficult for us. Now we know what to work on. It gave us the opportunity to assess the new players, and we know where we have to work on.” Anita Bonney, Braves captain, said they would have fared better but for the standard floor they played on for the first time. She lamented playing on concrete floors in Ghana had hindered their development in the game. “I think we play the same style. In terms of height, skills, shooting, we are almost alike but they (Dolphins) are used to the court while we train on bare ground in Ghana. We got tired easily here because it’s the first time we played on such a court, which is also bigger compared to what we have in Ghana,” Bonney stated. “When it rains, we don’t get access to the court because everywhere is flooded and training halted. If we have to train, we have to sweep off water from the court; that’s our problem in Ghana.” Ebenezer Frimpong, Director Pillars survive scare at FIBA Africa tourney K ano Pillars on Tuesday beat Civil Defenders 92-91 at the ongoing FIBA Africa Zone 3 Men’s Club Championship at the National Stadium in Lagos. The clubs are vying for the two available tickets to the 2017 African Club Championship in Angola. Pillars were pushed to the limits and needed the game’s last seconds to record their win and hold on to their unbeaten run in the competition. The coach of the team Ahmed Sani admitted that they were lucky to win the encounter. “We played against a team determined to match their skills with Pillars, because they know that we are the team to beat,” the News Agency of Nigeria quoted Sani as saying. “We also had some problems with communication among ourselves. But, fortunately, it did not cause us to fall. “However, we have to address the situation and hopefully bounce back stronger in the next games ahead.” Civil Defenders coach Temitope Owolosule said, “We lost, in spite of having worked hard for the victory. It is very painful.” T MTN, others back NCC tennis elecommunic F0f&D2&6rFP42FV2VwVRvFVFvVBFBv6fW v&G2f"WG7FFpW&f&6R'FfGV2@FV26VV7FVB6FVv&W2FRVwVRFR6FVv&W2&RFR7@WG7FFrFVFR7@WG7FFrW"( 2R@fVRFR7BWG7FFpV"W"( 2R@fVRFR&W7B7BFV@FR&W7BG&fVƖrFVVFRFvwW&V&v`G&2FW6@b7'G2v&WfVVPWF&G7W7F2Ff6VBF27'G0fVFF6&vP&FW&f"W6r7'G2FFRVrv&2fbFR7G&VWG2FRVFW"b'&fW>( FVVvF6B( f"খFfGVF6WBW6V"@WBWf6ƗGF2wҐ2BV7^( 26G&'WFpF66WG&V6W6RFRv&0v&Rrf"FR6V fRVFVBWFffW&V@G2BW&26W6R&ЧFFR66WG&RVW0WFRvB"( vR&R&W76VBvFF2BFW&R&RB`W762FFR&6RvP6rFRG֖72bFV"खFW&2bf6ƗFW2vRfRFv&6RB6VRrvP6&fRW'2&V6W6RvPǒWFF'2pF'22FffW&VB&vR( Ф&W6B6Rv0F֗7F2FBvF&WGFW f6ƗFW2B7W'Bg&FPv&6WF&766FFWvVBf&R&WGFW"gFW"FPW762V&Bg&F26RFFVB( v&6WF&766FVVG0F&v6Rg&WVVBvW0ƖRF2f"W2vVB6W0F6VV7FbFRFV2FWfRFvWBFRfW'vBW'06VV7FVBG&VBWVV@B&VGf"FRF6&V6W6Pg&vBv^( fR6VVW&RN( 0BV7( vRV&BFB7VVB0'FCvRVVBFG&fW'&BFvWBFRVЧ7VVBvRVVBF7F'BG&pw&VG2ƖRF2( Ц6VFRbFR62vb6V"VVVFb֖vb6V"BRWfVǖb&Fvb6V VW&vVB2vW'2BFRGFVƗ&WFwW&V&vbFW&VBv6VFVB7VFBFR62v`6V"&F7FFRVFRrF6#b6GW&VB2f'7BFWW"V( 0FFRBFRFW&VB'7Frw&72bBWB66&R`cBRv266VǒfvVB'VRGV榒rF6Bv7FVBw&72bBWB66&RbcbFR6V6B'VW"ЧWv2VVf&b֖66vb6V"VvBF6vFRw&72bsBWB66&RbsF6Ɩ6VBFR&fW76FFRvFw&72bsvRFP&VWFvb6V.( 26W6V&6R6V6BvFw&72bspvRFR"b6Ɨ7RbFvW"vb6V"B7VRFGW2vW&PBF&BvFw&72bsV6RFRFWW"FW2FFRv2v'6FRb6V"rF63R6R7FVBw&72bBWB66&PbcbvR&FRf&W"76Ɨ7Bg&6&vb6V"6V@6V6BvFWB66&RbsvRRWfVǖF6ffPW"g&&Fvb6V"vFR&W7Bw&72b2&&RvFRV( 2&W7Bw&72bsbvFF6`6FRfWFW&&W7BWB&RvVBF6Vb6VVBvFPrF6#BvFw&72bBWBsb6VB&6FW"6V6F06R26VFvVB6FVv'vP6֖R6V6F2v&Pvfr6RFW&WBvFvWG2FWG7FFrFV2BW'2( ėB2fW'6F6gr@V6W&vrFB琦FfGV2B&v6F0&R&V6FrFR7@FR42FV2VwVR0rFFRFWfVV@bFV2vW&BFRƗfW2b7W'&VBBgWGW&PFV27F'2vW&( 6@vGvVF&V7F"bFPFW&FFV26FVגv66&FFW2FRWfVB( vRfRFV'BF@FW6R6VFfW2vBǐ&6RFR&fRbFRWfV@'WB6FfFRFV2@FfGVW'2Fv&&FW"FW6V( ХFRVwVRv6fVGW&V@"FV27&72"6FW22pBFR'W6W72VBvFFPfW"6V֖fƗ7G2wV&FVVB֖VbGv֖Ɩ&FRf'7B6V֖f&WGvVVFVFVv&b'VBFVVW"bv0FW26RBFRVVwR7'G06V"g&fV&W"FvRFR6V6B6V֖f&WGvVVFVfVFr60FVffwRbGV@FV6fFVfV6Rb'VG2BFR'VF7FFVg&FV6V&W" F2