Epunchng - Most read newspaper in Nigeria Thursday, December 7, 2017 - Page 8

8 THURSDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2017 news ACAOSA AGM T he National Executive Council, under the aegis of the Anwar-ul Islam College, Agege Old Students’ Association, has invited all ACAOSA members to its 2017 Annual General Meeting. The meeting will hold on December 10, 2017 at the school’s main hall — Jubril Martins Memorial Hall — by 10am. According to a statement by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Muftau Ottun, important issues, including preparation for the 2018 International Conference in Lagos, will be discussed. “Also, the inauguration of the college clinic reconstructed by ACAOSA will hold on Thursday, December 7, 2017 on the school premises by 12pm,” the statement added. Judge arrested for alleged demand of N200m bribe Eniola Akinkuotu, Abuja T he Independent Corrupt Practices and other related offences Commission has commenced a probe into the 24,325 government properties that were sold to government officials under the monetisation policy of former President Olusegun Obasanjo. Also, the anti-graft agency has arrested a retired Appeal Court judge, Justice Mohammed Tsamiya, for allegedly demanding a N200m bribe in exchange for a favourable judgment in a National Assembly election case that was pending before the Imo State Judicial Division of the Court of Appeal. The ICPC said in a statement by its spokesperson, Mrs. Rasheedat Okoduwa, that many, who bought government properties, had yet to make full payment while some others were secretly renting the properties to private citizens. The anti-graft agency said most of the culprits were in the Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation and the Federal Housing Authority. The statement read in part, “In recent times, the ICPC has been inundated with petitions from patriotic Nigerians, drawing the attention of the commission to allegations of widespread abuse of the policy by beneficiaries and some government workers. “The commission, while acting on the petitions, discovered through preliminary investigation that a number of civil servants in the OHCSF, who benefited from the policy had not paid for the houses since 2005. While some had completely defaulted, others owe the government a sizeable amount of the money. “The investigation further revealed that 32,305 houses were captured by the committee on the sale of government properties while 24,345 were eventually sold to beneficiaries. “However, civil servants in some government agencies, notably OHSCF and the Federal Housing Authority, have allegedly turned the policy into a shoddy business with the aim of defrauding the Federal Government.” The ICPC said it also f []]YHXXœ\[[ݙ\Y[Y[Y\\HۘX[[™ݙ\Y[\Y\[X[[ۈ[YB]]Hۜ[وBY\[ݙ\Y[ \HY[HY ]YH[[وHXB][X\[H\\ۂ]\[™ݙ\Y[8&\š[\\HݚY[š\[܈][\YY\˂H[Z\[ۈZY[[\YYHوHтX\&PYXx&\ŒY[[ܚX[ܘ[[YBBZH]\BX\&PYXH[HۂY\^HZY][H Y[[ܚX[ܘ[[YH܈H]BYYوY\[YBXY]X\\[ZB]\HX\&PYXKۈY^H[XZKH][Y[HB\X܈[\[وB[KX]Y[[H\\ZYH[]\\H\[ܝ[]H[Y[X\ۙBوY\Xx&\۝[\ܘ\BXY\YY[XZ[ZB\ۈۈX[X\  NNM˂H][Y[ZY 8'\‘^[[HYY\Y[ؘ\[є[\H\HZ\X[ۈH\[ۋ\^[[H\\ZBܛXK\Y[[[X[\Z[PYYوB\XXوY\H[ۙH[[]\H[Y\YK'^XYYۚ]\Y\[ٙ\X]\B]HYYH[YHXZ[][\H ] KHܛY\Z[\\و[[KX[[BY[]H\XKKۈق]HK˓ˈX[H[BXܙ]\HHݙ\Y[وHY\][ۋ“]\\K'B( Tۙ]Hݙ\܋[ZHZ\YNݙ\܈]Y\Yؙ\J[Nݙ\܈^[^[HوZ]H]N[”]Hݙ\܋X[HZ[[ؚN\]Hݙ\܈و[]K\ˈY][Hۘ[YN[Y]Hݙ\܋\Z[[ZH[XK]H] U\ݙ\ܜ&HYY][[XY[ ۈY\^KΈY]Hݙ\Y[[\Xۚ\\\\[[H\\ܘY[8&\\][\Y[ۘ[[\وH[]Y]\Xۚ\Y\\[[B\\ܘY[8&\\][ۂY\^H[[[Y[[]HHT‘[X\H\KH[ݙH\^XYš[[YH[[ۜ[HY[ۂ[[]HHX܂XXKӓ\ܝY '^KB[[BXۛYHH؝[\΂]\\[[H\\ܘY[8&\˜\][ \\[[ܙB܈\[HXۚ][ۈوX[]K]\[HY[8'H[\ZYHH]H\x&\‘\X]XX\[ۈKHYY 8'Y\[ܙB[XY\وZ]\H\H\H\[œXXHYܙY[Y[]Y[\ܘY[[H[\[X[˂][HH\[YB]\X][H^X[YBܛ][H[XBHY\[܈]\\[ 'B[\8&\X\[ۈ\[Y][XY\وTܙZYۂXH]\\\YB\\Y[و]H\XB[HX[X\ MKH\\\YܝBY\H\[X\YۈZ[ܘ[Y[H[\Xق\\]H]و\\˜ܙ\[ۈ[YY]\[ۂ[[ۜوZ\HYX[܂\\Hو\\˂HY\YHX[\ HY\وHY\[\][\]ܞH[XZKœZH]H\\Y\YYZ[[HۈHX[ق\۝[YY][[ۋ]H\\Z\Y\\X][ۋH\X[YH\و\X[[XZHX[™\Z\Y\\KHX\]Y[H\X[YH\^\[[BH\X[\8&\X\[ۋH]K[X[[وH\^\Y\XH]Z“[[[YY ]HH]B܈YY[Y\\Y\H\X[YYZ\Y\\ۈY\^K\Z[\Zx&\\X[ B^ Sx&\]Y\\\]YH SK۝[Y]HX\[ۈوH\ق\X[\\ۙ[\˂H\YܙH\YB\[YH\\ܙHB[Yܚ]HوY\X[\˂]YHZY\Y[YYYH[X\Y[XB[H\\H܈\X[\B\[HY]HX\][[[][[ۋHZY 8'^Hܙ\ZH\[XYHZ[X]Y\H۝X ][[ۙHوH\\˜YYZ[[H\Y[ۘYY 'B&P\[\[\Zx&\\HX\ YHY\[ڝKXZBH\[YH\ۂY\^H^YX\ N܈YY[[B\X[[YHHܛY\][ۘ[X\]HY\\ [X\ZH ] K[[[H[Y]Hق\X[[HZ[\['[]ٝ[8'H][[ۋ\ZHY[Y\\X[˜YܙHH\[YH\ [[[HYY[قH\و\X[ XZK[]\Yۈ[H MK MX\Z\Y\\]Y\܈[ܙ\][ۈ\X[[[H\[X\YH][[ۈ[\X[B]H\8&\ܙ\™ܘ[[[HZ[ \ZH\\\Y[\Y[[H\HوBXۚ][ۈو\\[[B\\ܘY[8&\\][YܙHB\ܘY[KT[\[X[ۙX\œ\Y [\8&\›[ݙBۂY\^BYۘ[YB[[ۙ\œ[ܚ]\BH[[Y[و[\[\ZYۈZ\Hݙ\\[HT[Y\[HY[ۋHX\[ۈ[[[ZYHHXXH\˜[[ܙX\HX\]H\[BY[ۈ]\[XYHۈYKXۛY[Bۘ\HY[YH^BX\Y\HY[ۘ[\XXY\[\[\ܙY\X\[ۈHXY\Z[B[]Y]\&H[Z]Y[[[\ܘY[\[[\[X[XXHXXBYܙY[Y[ H[\Y]\[[[Y[YX\HY[TXBۈH[[[\Y\ق]\H\ܘY[H[[\[X[]\˂HZY 8'H\HZ[˜H][ۈۈ[HوH[[]\\Y\[Y[B[[[\Y\وH\ܘY[Bݙ\ZY۝H[\\[[K'H]Y\[ۜ\B\H\Y\[Y H[]Y]\[XZ[™Y\H[Z]Y[[™X[]]HHXXHYܙY[Y[]\X\XHY\˸'B[\8&\[[[Y[\\[HXZ]YB\ܘY[B[YBZ[\\[[Z[][XZKœZ^YHܝ[]H[ۈ\[Y\[BT[Xۚ\[\\[[B\\ܘY[8&\\][ 'H\Y[8&\X\[ۂ\[[\ܝ[\\œXXK܈\H\XXB]\۸&][YH\\[[B\H\][وH]Hق\ܘY[ 8'H][XZHZY [\[X[\Y[ XZX\ۙ[[Y[ZXY[\8&\X\[ۋXZ[š[H[]\YY\B[\[X[XY\ZYB[ݙH[ZY^[Z\ܙ[\][ۜYHB\˂[