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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2017 A man, Aniekan Billie, from Obiokpok in the Nsit Ibom Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, has lost two of his children. The father claimed that the kids were killed by suspected assassins. Billie, who reported the matter to the police at the Ikot Akpan Abia 5 Man loses two children to suspected assassins Etim Ekpimah, Uyo division on Wednesday, said he locked up the children in his house and left for Urua Kpokpo, a nearby neighbourhood, to buy foodstuffs. He explained that upon his return, he saw the lifeless bodies of two of his children, Godwin Sunday (9) and Idara Sunday (5) in the house. He added that the only person the suspected assailants did not kill was his one-year-and-seven-month-old son, Godspower Sunday. The Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Mr. Bala Elkana, told our correspondent that the father reported the matter to the police around 2.35pm. He said the corpses of the children were dumped in a freezer belonging to the family. The state police spokesman added that the police had started investigation into the incident. “We will soon unravel the people that were behind the murder of the two children,” he added. two children die in Lagos fire shop, where he was probably attempting to find a way out,” the printer, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said. The two children, Miracle and Marvellous, were said to be aged six and three respectively. A friend of the victim, Okechukwu Idoko, claimed to have mobilised some residents to put out the fire before the arrival of the firefighters, adding that their efforts were futile. Idoko said he had discussed with the victim the previous day on the completion of his (Kenneth’s) house in the Ikorodu area of the state. “He said he wanted to lay the tiles on the floor, and I advised him to put certain things in place first. That was our last discussion before he died. Despite the fire, the money he made from the previous day sales in the shop, and his telephone were intact,” he added. • Favour PUNCH Metro gathered that Kenneth’s wife, Favour, had been sick for some time. Her sickness was said to have been caused by two caesarean births, which left her bedridden. She had to be taken to the village for treatment. A family member of the victim, Okey Emereonye, said the sickness affected the finances of the family, which made Kenneth to quit his former apartment and • Miracle and Marvellous Photos: Facebook relocate the family to the shop. He said, “When I visited them on Sunday at this place, I was surprised to see that she had returned from the village. She was making chin- chin, which she branded, ‘Mirvel,’ from the names of their children. I asked why Favour was brought back and Kenneth said he believed that being around her children would hasten her healing. I never knew it was the last time I would see them. “Kenneth was the breadwinner of the family. His parents are still alive. They have been informed and the bodies of the victims were taken directly to the village through the help of his church members.” The Director of the Lagos State Fire Service, Rasak Fadipe, said the agency received a distress call around 2.48am, adding that the Alausa and Ilupeju fire divisions responded. He said, “We met the fire well alight and our men put it out. There were two levels of burglar proof – one at the entrance of the shop, while the other covered the extension. We found it difficult to gain access because of the burglar proof bars. “We should not turn our at checkpoint over N1,000 “He said, ‘Am I too small to collect N1,000?’ When I declined to give him N1,000, he asked me to pull over, which I did. As the argument over N1,000 got heated, I entered my car and drove off. What I heard next was three gunshots aimed at my car. “A bullet pierced into the car, hit my girlfriend’s body, came out and hit my friend in the back.” The 22-year-old indigene of Oyo State said he took the victims to a general hospital in Igbuzo, from where Ogogo was referred to the Federal Medical Centre, Asaba. He said he called a senior police officer at Asaba who notified the state Commissioner of Police of the incident. He said, “The CP and the DPO of the Igbozo Police Station came to the FMC and deposited N100,000, but I have spent much more than that. Meanwhile, the policeman who shot at us had gone to drop the gun at the station and fled. The other four policemen were detained at the command headquarters. My friend and I wrote our statements there.” Akinlabi explained that a police officer asked him to drop his car key to aid investigation. He added that he handed over the car key, but activated the steering lock because he suspected foul play. He said he met with the Assistant Inspector-General of Police, Zone 5, Benin, Edo State, who assigned a policeman to take his statement, adding that the policeman came down to the police command, Asaba, the following day. “As I was returning from Zone 5 on Monday, I received a call from the Investigating Police Officer at the police headquarters in Asaba and he asked for the steering key. The IPO and a policeman came down to the hospital and I told them I would have to look for the key when I got home. “The policeman sent from Zone 5 invited my friend to the police headquarters in Asaba to write his statement too. When he got there, he saw some policemen moving the car. He called to ask me if I gave them the key to unlock the steering and I said no. When I called the IPO, he confirmed what my friend said and he told me that there was no cause for alarm.” He said the command returned his car washed, with the bullet holes on the vehicle covered and painted, lamenting that he had not heard from the command and zone 5. Akinlabi’s girlfriend, Ogogo, who spoke to PUNCH Metro from the hospital, said she was on the telephone when the bullet hit her. “That was the last thing I remembered until I found myself at the hospital,” she added. Emeagwai urged the police authorities not to sweep the case under the carpet, saying the policemen must be punished. He said, “I don’t see any reason for the shooting. 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