Epunchng - Most read newspaper in Nigeria Thursday, December 7, 2017 - Page 4

metro 4 THURSDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2017 ... City, Crime, Courts Police handcuffed my hands to a car seat – BudgIT official arrested for holding meeting Adelani Adepegba, Abuja M oses Motoni, an official of a civic organisation, BudgIT, has narrated how his legs were chained and his hands handcuffed to a seat by some policemen who arrested him. He stated that he was apprehended in Kaduna and brought to Abuja for holding a town hall meeting in Bida, Niger State, on budget tracking. The victim, who was released by the police in Abuja on Wednesday, after uproar on the social media, said he saw hell in the hands of police personnel, who dehumanised and treated him like a criminal. Speaking to journalists on his experience, Motoni explained that he was not informed about his crime, adding that the policemen simply said he was arrested for “inciting the populace and trying to impeach the Emir of Bida.” Motoni’s troubles began when he visited Niger State last Saturday to sensitise residents of the Niger South Senatorial District to the zonal intervention projects awarded to their constituency in the 2017 budget. The projects were the installation of transformers and electrification of Nowanya-Tawadzuru, Tiffin- Emitswachi-Tawadzuru and Tako communities in the Gbako Local Government Area, Niger South Senatorial District, Niger State as stated in the 2017 Appropriation Act. Moroni was arrested on Tuesday after he was tricked into visiting the DHL office at Markafi Market, Kaduna, to pick a parcel. He was reportedly forced into vehicle and brought to Abuja by policemen who disguised as DHL personnel. The BudgIT worker explained that he simply enlightened the people about the constituency projects and how to track the budget, noting that he was surprised by the allegations that he wanted to incite the public and impeach the traditional ruler in the area. He said, “I was arrested in Kaduna and our journey from there to Abuja was hell for me because I was handcuffed on both legs and my elbows were handcuffed to a chair, which dislocated my joints. “I wasn’t sitting; I squatted from Kaduna to Abuja, which • Motoni was a journey of about two and a half hours. It was when I got to Abuja that I was told about the reason for my arrest.” Motoni denied that his engagement with the Bida community would lead to a breach of the peace, noting that the idea of budget tracking was to encourage the community members to engage their representatives at the National Assembly and ensure that the projects were implemented. “They (policemen) said they got a c \Z[]H\Z[[]HBXXܙX]HHXXق\[[\XXH[Z\]\\YNH[H[][]HYX]BH[Hۈ^H[[YHZ\\\[]]\›ۈH[\[Y[][ۈوBڙX8'HH]Y H]Xܚ\ZYH\YH\™][[ۋ[]B[[\]Y\]H˜۝[YH\YXKHX[HXY YU \][ۚYؚ[K^Z[Y]HY]X[ڙX\YX[œ[\YHHY][ܙX]B]^[]\[\X]B\[[^H[[X[X[X[]HBZ\\\[]]\˂Hۙ[[Y[ۚx&\˜\\ XH[YY\[Y]YHHTœ\\[]]\HH\XKH^Z[Y]ܝBY\Hۈ[YY][H[]܈YXYHHۙB[[ۚK[][[H˜HYY][[\\KXHX[Y8'X]\HYUX[\ۛ[\H[YYY]]XX›ٙXX[]][K'BۚYؚ[HZY 8'Y\\H[Y]HH[]܂XXY]HY\XBXHܘH[X\Y[ۚHو[BH[Z\وYH[XH\\\H ΈY[[HY\YؘB[YY[Z[”T&HٙXH[XZK'B'Hۙ[[\X\Bو\HHXH[H[ZH\H\YB]\Y[]Z[[XYBZ\H[H[]B\Y[H[[XX]H[]Y][ۜ˜[H[]Y]\ۈ\š\YK8'HHYY HXH[BXXY܈[Y[\B[ؚ[HۙHوHܘB\X[[[[ [] HY[Y]\BH^Y\YH[\œۙH\وH[YHو[[\\ܝ  N LM K  MLLNM\܋YK[\ۈ\[YYHXۂ\Z[[Y][B\YH\XHوY”]HۈY\^HY\[X\H[ܛ[\H\XY]HY[Y\YٙBH\\KZ[YYBYHوH\܋[]^Nš\YK]\[Z\[[Z\XH[X\[\˂[]\\ܝY˜HH\܈[\Hقܛ\\Z[\H[HؘYYH\XHوH]KSY]X\]H[Z[Hو\]Y[YHH\H[][\YHY[ݚ\[ۜ˂[]\ܝYB[]Y\[Z[HBY\H[Z\B[ۙ^H^H[܈\™ܛY\\\Y[ \ܜ\ۙ[]\YH]\\]HZZH[XX\ܙY\\[ [KX[YYHY\YٙH\B[H HX[\\HZYš]HY[\YHHB][X\]H\\و]H[[HوH[]^[[ۋXY[Z\X] ٙXX[وHY]B\H\XKY]B[Y\[HX[Y[Y[Y[H[X[Y[BH\YH]\[ۋ\BZY]H\ۙYB[Y\[KHTSPHٙXX[\˜[YY]H\Y\[H\YH\][ۋ\ۈ\H\H\]] []]\وHX[\\HZY]HZ[Bܜ\Z\Y]ۂ[[]Y^H[H؛[HYX]][ݙ\Y[\XHو[[”]K\\Y[[HوY]XB\\HY[H\ܜ\ۙ[[H\[H\]ۈY\^K\[H[[YBHZ[[Y\˂\Y[[[Z[BY[X\وHX[\[˜\YYYH[K\X[B[\]\\[\\؞BY]H[\HقH\ \\BYXYHH[\˜YܙHH[\[[ۈق\YY\˂HܙY[[\B\]HBX[\&KSY]]H\\HY\YH[\˂'HY\[^H\[X]\HوH]\Hو^Bܚˈ\\\ܙY\[ [H[]\[H\H\Y \B\HY[^[ۈ[H ]\YX[™]HHXHX]\B]\]\H\ۈ\KBX]\[[K']\\YY\Y]Z\ܜ\ˈ]\BHوHX[]\˜Y]\ YܙHBوH[[^B[]X[H[&][B\܋Y\YHX\ ^H[\ܜH[B([]BB[HX[X[Y[YY^[YBBX[X[]XYHY؝^XB]\[ۋY[YYY[\H\\X[XXK\[YYHۈH[Y\[HY[]B[H]H]XXٚXB[H][\[ X܈[YXYZK]BX[[H[][]KHX[\\H[B[HܛK][H[\]HY[ \HZ[XK[H[Y[\[Y [[YXYZH\BZ[Xx&\\Y[[Y[\X][KSY]X\]HX[Hو]HX[Y[[Y[XXKYYYۈ]HX[[ۙY؝^X\] ۙHوHX[Y[Y[YYY\\œZY]H[X[Y[ۙ^BHZ[XH[H]\[H]HY]B ]H[K\ܝYHZYB[ZHۙHوHK \\HYۈ[K\Z[XHݙHٙHHX[ XXB\ܝYH]H\[[]Y\YHXوBZXK][œ]]HXX] H[][ܘ^YBXو[YXYZK\˜]H\[\&\X] Z[XH\ܜ\ۙ[]\[Y[HX[HXY\ۙHTZXYK\B]Z[YHHXK[BXXH]YY\\ HZY 8'ۈ[^Kݙ[X\ M MH\™][HY؝^܈X\][ۈ][HX[ HY]HX[Y[Hۙ]›ۙH[\YH[۝˜Y[HY[\YBۘ\[H\H]B][ۋH[YHܛ™ܙY][K]^HY(BBBBBBB\ۙ 'ۙHو[H\Y\[]H[H]\Y HZYH[YX]BX[ H[H]B\[YY]^Hۙ]YB\H[[\\Y B[X[Y[ۙ^KH[Y]H[HL ܈ ]]\K \HYۈYH[H^Z[Y[KΈYY^[Y