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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2017 news Buhari visits Kano, supporters urge President to seek re-election N umer o us p l a c a r d - carrying supporters of President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday in Kano unofficially started electioneering for his re- election in 2019. The supporters, numbering over 5,000, displayed placards with inscriptions including Buhari muna so a 2019, Muna tare de Buhari (2019), (Its Buhari we want in 2019 and We are with Buhari); “4+4=8;” and “Buhari/Ganduje for 2019.” A mammoth crowd was also at the airport and along the major streets in the metropolis to give the President a rousing welcome. Shortly after his aircraft touched down at the Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport at 11.15am, the President was received by Governor Abdullahi Ganduje, members of the State Executive Council, Emir of Kano, Alhaji Muhammadu Sanusi II, Olalekan Adetayo and Ted Odogwu traditional rulers as well as politicians, among others. From the airport, the President was driven in a convoy to the Emir of Kano’s palace. Buhari alongside Ganduje later went to the Kurmawa Prison, a stone’s throw from the Emir’s palace, where 500 prison inmates were granted pardon and given an undisclosed amount of money after they were advised to be of good behaviour. Thereafter, the President inaugurated some projects. Among the projects are the ultra-modern Specialist B’Haram war: Army removes commander Olaleye Aluko, Abuja T he Nigerian Army on Wednesday removed the Theatre Commander of the Operation Lafiya Dole, Maj. Gen. Attahiru Ibrahim, and appointed a new Major General to head the military anti-insurgency operation in the North-East. The Director, Army Public Relations, Brig. Gen. Sani Usman, confirmed the development to our correspondent on the telephone, noting that Maj. Gen. Rogers Nicholas has been named as his replacement. Usman said, “It is true that a new commander has been appointed for Operation Lafiya Dole. I can confirm the appointment.” Until his new appointment, Nicholas was the Chief of Logistics at the Army Headquarters, Abuja. Our correspondent learnt that the army’s high command was not pleased with the prosecution of the war against insurgency in the North-East, which had lately led to attacks on military bases, the most recent being in the Magumeri Local Government Area of Borno State. Ibrahim took over from Maj. Gen. Lucky Irabor, who is now the Commander of the Multi- National Joint Task Force in May 2017. Among the perceived shortcomings of the outgoing commander was his inability to capture the Boko Haram terrorists’ leader, Abubakar Shekau. It was reported in August 2017 that the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen Tukur Buratai, issued a 40-day ultimatum to the Operation Lafiya Dole Theatre Command to capture Shekau, but that had not been done since the deadline expired in September. It was learnt that Ibrahim has been redeployed to the army headquarters, Abuja. Although the reason for the removal was not stated, it was learnt that the redeployment was connected with the most recent Boko Haram attacks in the Biu Local Government Area of Borno State, in which at least 18 persons were killed. It was reported that two suicide bombers attacked Biu in southern Borno on Saturday and killed 18 persons in the town’s main market. The police in Borno had said 53 others were injured and had been evacuated to the medical facility. Hospital, Giginyu, named after the him and a Peadiatric Hospital located on Zoo Road, Kano,and the underpass bridge at Madobi/Panshekara Junction. The President is expected to inspect a rice mill, Fullmark Rice Mill Company at Kwanar Gunduwawa, and Gezawa Oil Mill on Thursday (today). Buhari is also expected to meet with Ulamas and hold an interactive session with community leaders and politicians before returning to Abuja. Buhari, in a statement by his Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, after the President visited the Emir of Kano, said nobody could disabuse the minds of Nigerians on his clear intentions for the country and its citizens concerning his electoral promises ahead of the 2015 presidential election that he won. “The three things we said in our campaign on security, economy and fighting corruption, nobody will be able to successfully disabuse the minds of Nigerians on our clear intentions for our country and our people,” the Pr W6FVBv0VFVB26r'V&77W&VBvW&0FBFRfvBv7BFPFVw&FVB&&vV@&R7W7FVBFFFFFP6FfRG&VG2FRV6אBFRfvBv7B6''WFआR&V6VFVB2f@V&W2b27&bV6RG&FR6W&6R@GW7G'vW&( ĖbFW&R2&&VW&RFPvR6VG'2&&V&VV&W"FRGW7G'@VVBVRvWB( &Vf&RFR&&VFP'FV7B&VV&W"FPV&W"b'F7VFVBfV6W0FBVfRF26GFGVwW&B6W&BFRV&W bfV6W2FB6Rg&Ф6BBvW"&fFp֖Ɩ2b'2FvW&2( BbVRvW&FBB&VƗ6RrV6FP7F&ƗGFR'FV7@fR67BFRVRBFPGW7G'W&R( FR&W6FV@6B'V&6&Vff&VBF@2F֖7G&FvV@W'7VR&6&Vf&2@FV6vW7FvFw&VFW fvW"आR7RB6W&VषW&v6VG&&6GW&rv6SFW2vW&PVFW"&FVB"6WBg&VPWFRVBbfW2'vfW&"&GVvGVRFR&W6FVBVFV@FB6RbFRg&VVBFW0vW&RVrB6&vVB&6WF&FW2FRWfW'Vff'@FR&WGFW"6FV2WB`FVआR&֗6VBFB&6&Vf&2BFV6vW7FvVB6FVRF&V6VfP&BGFVFg&0F֖7G&FFR&W6FVB7G&W76VBFPVVBf"&6W'2F&V6VfP&W"6&R7W'B@&V&ƗFFFRFVЦ&WGFW"6FV2gFW"6W'frFV &6FW&2( ĒV6VBvFF2f6@BfRV&B&B&P&WBFR6FF2bFP&62BFW2( F2'VFrg&BbW0v2'VB&V&ƗFFb&6W'2BG&r`FW22fW''FBFW0BvRvVB6FVRFfW7@&RF2( Ē6VBRbFRFW0&VV6VBrBRv2BPFBRR2V'2B( ĖbvRfRVRb@V'2FR&6BFW&P26FVW2G&rFVFV"ƗfW2v&R6WFVǐFW7G&VBvRvfW7B&PVGV6FBf6FG&r( R6BF3VVVRFW'26VV7Fp6&( 2&VfWFW"FFW&P@RV&GFVB6&bFR&w&W76fW06w&W72F7FFR"ग62VVVRB6PFW"vw&WfVBVFW'2FP7FFRvVFW6F6V@FRF6&`FR'G6VbFvRФVwVF&VfRFR7FF^( 07Fr6&bFR'G"FRFWFVशVVVRv2&W'FVFǐ7W7VFVB'F&VRF66Ɩ'6֗GFVRfW VvF2b( w&72֗66GV7@BF'G7FfFW>( @FW&VgFW"FWFVvv2FRFWWG6&v2FVB2FR7Fp6&bFR'GFPF6V7&WF&Bv26BFfR77VVBWGFW"&fpFRFVBbFWFV'WBFRvw&WfVBVFW'06BFW&Rv26Fb7Fr6&FP67FGWFbFR'GखWGFW"6vVB'VVVRB6RFW vw&WfVBVFW'2FWVV@FVwVFVFFVǒF&V7@FRVFFRvFG&vbFRWGFW"bFV@bFWFV2FR7Fp6&( 6FBW"'GBFVVBF7FFRv@&RVvVBFfF&R@Vv&R7&62( ХFRWGFW"&VB( vRfP&V6Rv&RbWGFW 6&7VFrFR66VFW''FVFǒ77VVB'FPF6V7&WF'bW"'GFr"FRFWFVFR7FFRFWWG6&2FR7Fr6&bFP'GF7FFRFRWGFW 6VBFBW"&W7V7F&P6&VwVVFW&ǐ&FW&VBG2WF'6( Ф2F6W2vFVW2VvVv'&( "#7V6Gf6W"FFRvfW&"bv27FFRFRVf&VB"&&GVFRVS6֗76W"f"FPVf&VBG"&&GVFRFV&SBW&VB6V7&WF'"&GV&v&RGW&rFR6V&FbFR#rv&B6Fv2GVW6FFvRfFWvdr26Wr&fFRf'6FW0VFWF'V@RfVFW&vfW&VB0&fVBFRW7F&Ɨ6V@b6Wr&fFRVfW'6FW2FR6VG'FRFV66v2&V6V@BVWFrbFRfVFW&WV7WFfR6V6VBvVFW6FBFR&W6FVFf'VFR֖7FW"bVGV6FFRFR'&VfVB7FFPW6R6'&W7FVG2BFPVBbVWFrv6v0&W6FVBfW"'f6R&W6FV@V֒6&&W6FVBVGP'V&27W'&VFǒff6f6BF7FFRvFFR&f&fFPVfW'6FW2FR6VG'&PrsBFRƗ7FVBFRWvǒЦ&fVB&fFRVfW'6FW0F6VFRF֗&GVfW'6G'W6FVF7FFS7&FVfW'6GV6&&V6W26&W'7FRVfW'6G&FVfW'6G`VF666V6W2'B&6W'CF&VfW'6G7FFS@FRVVfW'6GbVF6BVF66V6W2v2FR֖7FW"6BFRFVfW'6FW26֗760&VV6VBFV6Vf'F&PFVvVfW'6FW2F@W&FR&Vr7FF&B( FW&R&R6R&PƖ6F2B&VƖWfRvP֖7G'bVGV6Fv7F'&r&Rf"6V6&f2( FRT22vrFFPFR77VRb67&VFFFfW'6W&W6ǒBbVfW'6Gf2FVWBFV"T27FF&BvR&RvrFFW&Vv7FW"FV"6W'6W2B`VVv6W'6W2&RFW&Vv7FW&VBBvVBFFR67W&RbFPVfW'6G( R6BFR67RFPGW7G&7FV&&VBW'FV6r7FfbV0FRVfW'6FW2VFW"FPV'&VbFRB7F6֗GFVR6r6RbFP77VW2&6VBB&VVF&6V@WBआR6B( 2f"2rvPB6BFvvFFRV2vPWBBFW6R77VW2B&VVF&6VBWBF( BrF@FW&Rv2&&VFB&6PFW"&V6W6RG&fVVBWBbFP6VG'B6R&6W7FW&FGVW6F( 'WB2f"266W&VBFW6RFw2B&VVFG&W76V@&Vf&RVgBBFRf&VF@v2W6VBF6&RFRWv0w&VVB'FV( FW6BFvvFFPff62FR֖7G'`VGV6FBw&VVB6FPWv2Bf"5URRBv2f"FRV2( ХFR ֖7FW"bf&Vvff'2vVfg&WVFB&W'FW'2FBR'&VfV@dT2V&W'2'V&( 0&V6VBf6G2F<;GFRN( f&PB&F2vV2FPvfW&VN( 2&V6VBFV66Ɩ'6fRG&FRआR6B( FR77VR`Ɩ'b6W'6RB2&VVখFRWw2FR7BGvvVV2G&Fr6fW36FR&6VBf&W0FWFVF6VG&W2bvW&2( vBvRfRFR2F@f'7BbvRfRvBW 6&vRN( ff'2G&ƒF6RF'VFvfRW2FRgVFWF2bvB27GVǒvpFW&RrvW&0&RFWFVFB&RG'pF6RS( Х@RFVF7FFR6FW bFR&w&W76fW06w&W7226FVBvfW& fV疒vbFVF7FFPf"VvVFǒFr7&VFBf FR&V6VFǒ&VV6V@'FR&W6FVBVGP'V&VBvfW&VBf"FPVBb6vfW&VG>( v&W'>( 6&W2FR7FFR7FFVVB6vVB'FP7FFR6&bFR'G&WBW2W'VR&VB( vP&RfW'f"FR&VƖV`FBF2VBv'&pFFRf֖ƖW2b6V6v&W'2vfR7VffW&V@WG&VRVvV7Bf"FrvR&RVB'vfW& fV疒v( 2GFVBFFR7&VFBf"BR6V@V&F&VvW&RR6w0BB&R7&gG( ФRFFVB( FRG'WF&V2FBvFW0BfVVFRbv&W'2खbRFBRvVBfRp&fVBVBFFVЦW7B2&W6FVB'V&F@vVRvfR&WBFFP7FFW2Fv&W'>( 6&W0fWrF2gFW"Rv07v&(