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news north news photo august 13, 2017 8 Northern residents condemn anti-Igbo song SUCCESS NWOGU, GODWIN ISENYO, ARMSTRONG BAKAM and ADENIYI OLUGBEMI C •L-R: Groom, Mr. Olatunde Ogunmekan, and his bride, former Miss Olabisi Ajayi, during their wedding at Lighthouse Christian Outreach Centre in Lagos… on Thursday •L-R: Bride’s father, Otunba Ademola Ajayi; groom’s mother, Mrs. Mojisola Ogunmekan; bride’s mother, Mrs. Olayinka Ajayi; and groom’s father, Chief Olayinka Ogunmekan. Photos: Saheed Olugbon riticisms have continued to trail the emergence of the anti- Igbo song in Hausa language that went viral on the Internet few days ago. In separate interviews with our correspondents in different northern states, many Nigerians have condemned the song, saying it could lead to genocide if not banned. Speaking with one of our correspondents in Kwara State, the Executive Director, Foundation for Peace Professionals, Abdulrazaq Hamzat, said the song was a threat to national security and unity. He said the song was carefully worded with the intention of causing deliberate mass incitement against those from the Igbo extraction living in the North. He said, “We can’t imagine the extent of genocide that will likely occur, should the Federal Government not mobilise all resources within its capacity to avert the catastrophic response that may break out. The song is dangerous, inciting and capable of drawing the country into another civil war and we must act fast to stop it.” Hamzat further said his organisation had been informed by an expert in audio production that the artiste who sang the song could be a male, noting that the voice was twisted to sound like a female voice in order to hide the singer’s identity. Hamzat said, “Our major focus at this moment is to take proactive steps in checking the continuous spread of the song and embark on widespread sensitisation in local communities to dissuade people from taking its message seriously, while putting quick response security team across the volatile states in place NDLEA arrests three in Gombe T •Islamic scholar, Shehu Sulaimon Onikijipa (left) and Governor of Oyo State, Abiola Ajimobi ,at the eight-day prayer for the mother of the former Chairman, Association of Local Governments of Nigeria, Alhaji Yekeen Popoola, in Kishi, Oyo State... recently. Photo: Oyo State Government •L-R: Secretary to the Oyo State Government, Mr. Ishmael Alli; Commissioner for Information, Culture and Tourism, Mr. Toye Arulogun; Governor Abiola Ajimobi; Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose; and veteran journalist, Felix Adenaike, at the first Oyo State Information Summit in Ibadan... recently. Photo: Oyo State Government he National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency on Saturday sai ]Y\\YYH\Y\[[[K[[H[ݙ\Y[\XBوXH]K܈[YYB[]][ M[ܘ[[Y\ق[X[[\ HPH[X[[[H]K\[^]HYK\[\[XKYHZYX[H\Y\\H[Y[H[]][ۈق[\[H]H[HY[BYY[ۈZ\Z[ HZYHY[HYY[[ۚ]ܚ[H\X˜YܙHZ\\\ Y[8'\›[ܛ[^H\[B\[Y[H]B^X]˸&x&BH[X[[ZYBY[H[۝[YHX\[Y\[H]H\Z[H[Y[H[]][ۂو[X\˂H[Yۈ[\[XY\و[][]Y\[B]H]Z[ۈZ\[Hœ[[[\[\ܝ[[ۙH[Y[][]][ۂHY[KۙHوH\XB]Y[HوY\XH]B[]]YH[X]\Hقݙ\K\H\ۙ[B]XZو[[K'BX[HY\X[BSVHSZY^BX\H[KRY؛ۙXBX[YYXH]ܛ\˂'H۝[[ؚX]BوHۙ\H[][][\Yۈ[X\HBܚوYH\YZ[[\H]\H[8'HZYB\Y[وY[H]KYBZ˂[\\Y[[B]KXZXH[^]KZY8'BۙZY]HY[ۙY[HY[HZ\YY[XZ\™܈HH\Hو]\[™\YX[ۈ[[ۙY\X[˸'B[XZ[ۈH\YKH\Y[و]XKZ^YBX[ZKZYXH8']Y[8'Bۙ\]\]K[\\Y[وB]K]H\H[\B\\\KZY 8']\Y܈XHۙH[X\Y H[HY\[ݙ\Y[[]HHYY][]H]\H[Y؛\BH\YH[ZXXKY\X[œ[X\HY[[]Y[[H^B\[Yܘ]Y \H\Y[XXH[H[Y\˸'BH\܈[ۙHوB[X[\\[]XKYHY܋ZYHۙ˜[XYY[B[KHZY 8']\Y[[YHو\XY\][HY]\وXXHY[BXYHY]\و]Y[]\[ۋ'BBX\\]BY\[]XX]XKXXZ\[[[YY [YۈHY\[ݙ\Y[˜\\[X]H[BY][[[H[]\[ۈ[H[K'[\Hݙ\Y[\X]H[X[]H]\[\[]H[]\[ۈ[H[KB[۝[YH]H\[\œ؛[\8'HHZY [Y؛\[\X[[]XKۈ[Y[ œZYH\X\Hۙۂ[UXKZY 8'H]HBY]H[\[\š[[H\وH[BX]\H]\\ۜ]][ۘ[Y 'B[H[YHZ[[[\ܘYX]Hو\X[B[^[[]\]KX[H[^K\ܚXYHۙ\HX]][ۘ[[]K'H]Hۙ\\XBو][H[HX^K]\HY\X[\]H\܂\XK\HY]B[[H\وH[K8'B[^HZY ۂ\œ\ [[BZXZH\ܚXYHۙ˜\][Xˈ8']\H\\ۙ\X][ۈوH[YY[HY؛][[Hܝ 8'HHZY QSVRHQБSRHPSUB[[][\][ێSPQ™ݝY]]YY\•B[]Y][ۜ[[&\‘[[”]Bݙ\Y[[Y]œ]YY\[ N[ܙX\BX\[[][\][ۈXܛH]KSPQYYY[ٙX\[[ZZY[[[[YY [Y[Y]H\[\ۜH[˜[\X[][ۈXܛH]HY[XZ[Y'\][&x&H[]HوYܝݚYH]X[]H\XHB[XKH]Y\\[BZY ^YX\]Y]YY][ۂSPQT]Bݙ\Y[[X[ܚ[ M˂Xܙ[[K\H\]وY[[[[܈[[][\][ۈ[XZ[BܙX]\[[HX]\HXY [[[YYZY '[][]H\ۜH\\B\][X]\H[BX[[\]\][\\KHݚYHX[\›\\\ݚYHZ\X[\[^H\HYK]HZ][\وH[H\›[X\XKY^H[Z\[[][Hܚ\&x&B[\ܜݚYY ؜™܈Y[H[]8%[ TYZBSTSS’˜Y[H]Hݙ\܋\\[ TYZKۂ]\^KZYH[ܙ\]\ۙܙ\[B]KYH]]HX܋\ܙX]Y ؜܈B[HوH]K[ TYZBZY\˜YZ[\][ۈYݚYYHۙX]H[\ۛY[܂]]HX܈[\Y[]KXY[HܙX][ۈق؜˂Hݙ\܈H\[H[\][ۘ[[]^H M]Y 8&[]Z[[XXK&B[BZY\˜YZ[\][ۈݚYYZ[[™܈[][ܙX\HZ\\X]H܈؈ܙX][ۈ[[\[ [ TYZHZY 8'[\YܝZ[H\X]Hو\[]۝X]H\][Y[ H]HXܝZ]Y LXX\PӓVB MLTSPHX\[[K HX[ܚ\\H[[[\ۜˈHXۚ\H]ݙ\Y[[ۙH[[YB[[][HH]HݚYYHۙX]H[\ۛY[܂]]HX܈[\Y[]\H[XYHݚ[Z\\X]B܈؈ܙX][ۋ'\[[[\[]\˜[X]Z\H]XYYY\[\[[X\™[[BYBQT HY[H\ ]\[\[]\\ܘ[[YK[[[H\HZ[][Z[[[ۜX[ۈ[Y\YHY[B\\[Z[[XY[^KH\H[[[XX[Z[[܈Y\Y[[[XX[XB[[XۚXYHY[B[XX[ [XۚX[[\BXY[^K'