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Sunday Family August 13, 2017 43 Famous Parents lost 2015 poll — Edwin Clark’s son Representatives, did your father influence your decision to be chairman? I wanted to be a lawmaker. The leaders of my local government area visited my father to say they believe in his product. They said they would support me if I decided to contest. My father didn’t impose me on them. They just felt like appreciating my father. If my father had stood behind us selfishly like other leaders did, maybe I would not have thought of being a local government chairman. But again, I have no regrets. How do you feel now that he is no more active in politics? Even though he is not in active politics, he is still very relevant. People from other parties go to him for advice. He has only left the stage for the younger ones to play their roles. I have witnessed several occasions when people from different parties come to him for advice. I think he has done very well and has retired gracefully from active politics. Did he influence your foray into politics? Yes, he did. I never thought of being a politician. I went abroad, came back and wanted to return there. He advised me to stay back and get to know the people. I listened to him. I saw that he was always holding meetings, so I attended most of the meetings. I saw how he dedicated his time, money and resources to the people. I went to him of my own volition that I wanted to contest a seat in the House of Representatives. No other person has influenced me politically than my father. What can you recall as the most important advice he gave you about life? I cannot point to a particular advice. I learnt all the good attributes I imbibe by watching him. We learnt from him practically. He never really sat down with us to say, “Don’t steal, and don’t do this or that.” We emulated him. When we look at his brothers, Prof. John Pepper Clark and Uncle B. A. Clark, we have no choice than to emulate them. What advice did he give you concerning marriage? Marriage is an institution that everyone should go into. He supports my marital life. Today, I’m blessed with a wife and children. What are his saddest moments that you can recall? His saddest moments were when his parents and two daughters died. Also, he was also sad when the government was overthrown in 1983 by President Muhammadu Buhari including when former President Goodluck Jonathan lost the 2015 election. What does he want to be remembered for? He wants to be remembered for his struggle and the enforcement of the right of his people. If there is anything he is known for, it is his fight for justice and equity to prevail, no matter the part of the country a person is from. He wants to be remembered for fighting for the interest of the people. What sports does he like? He likes football. He is a fan of