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News Fayose launches presidential bid OLUSOLA FABIYI Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State has told members of the Peoples Democratic Party that he would receive them at the Presidential Villa in 2019. He stated that the ruling All Progressives Congress was only given an opportunity to rule for one term, adding that the party has misused its chance. Fayose, who is the Chairman of the PDP Governors’ Forum, spoke at the party’s non-elective National Convention, which was held at the Eagle Square, Abuja on Saturday. He was surrounded by other governors elected on the platform of the party. “When you come to the Villa in 2019, I will receive you warmly,” he told the party members. Fayose further described the APC government as “one chance people (sic).” He added that the PDP had bounced back to life and boasted that the party would return to power at the centre soon. Fayose, who officially unveiled his presidential ambition at the event, stated that Nigerians were getting a raw deal in the hands of APC, pointing out that the party after completing its first term in office must vacate the seat of power so that the PDP could take over and deliver the dividends of democracy to Nigerians. Dressed in his 2019 presidential campaign shirt with a cap to match, Fayose said, “The PDP is now a religion; a belief that we are going back to our Villa. God will be with us. Those people there, at Aso Rock, they don’t know what they are doing. We make mistakes but our ability to correct them is what is important. It is time to arise and shine. “Shake the persons next to you and tell him or her congratulations. I don’t know about you but as for me, I am in Aso Rock already. I want to congratulate our great party and to promise Nigerians that we are going to deliver them from their hardship.” August 13, 2017 4 183 federal ministries, agencies in massive illegal recruitment BAYO AKINLOYE A lmost all federal ministries, departments and agencies have been carrying out illegal mass recruitments, SUNDAY PUNCH gathered on Saturday. Many government parastatals including the Central Bank of Nigeria, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, the Federal Inland Revenue Service, and the Nigerian Prisons Service, among others have been dogged by recruitment scandals which they have vehemently denied. GRAFT A document obtained by our correspondent showed that following a review carried out by the Ministry of Finance, 183 out of 185 MDAs had recruited 13,780 staff in recent years. Out of this number, 6,917 were recruited without any formal approval; 2,314 were employed by seven universities with governing council approval; only while 4,549 had correctly obtained approval from the Office of the Head of Service and Federal Character Commission. The review showed that out of the 185 agencies, a condolence letter from Osinbajo to Anambra State Governor, Willie Obiano. In the letter, the Acting President commiserated with families of the victims and the community on the death of their loved ones. Osinbajo noted that the Federal Government under President Muhammadu Buhari remained undeterred and would continue to use all available resources to ensure adequate security of lives and property in Anambra and across the entire country. He said he had instructed law enforcement agencies to bring perpetrators of the crime to book without any delay. process while another hospital hired 200 without approval. Sources in the government told SUNDAY PUNCH that illegal hiring makes it difficult to sanitise the payroll and control personnel cost. A senior government official said a lot of nepotism was involved and added that the illegal recruitment was one of the reasons there were regional imbalances in employment of civil servants. “More important, the recruitment is without reference to budgetary provisions, hence leading to the risk of unpaid salaries and the need for virement which increases payroll cost,” the official stated. Explaining how the illegal recruitment are carried out, the source stated, “For example, if a director who earns N300,000 monthly should retire, the agency will bring in six people at the cost of N50,000 per month which they use in replacement of the retiree. So, they will have six workers that were never needed. They call it replacement and spread these slots to politicians. But it’s killing the civil service. In some cases, the slots are sold in exchange for six months’ pay from those recruited.” It was further gathered that apart from the probe and ban ordered by Buhari, the President approved that the Budget Office should be more involved in recruiting people to work in the civil service. The source added, “The SGF and the Head of Civil Service were told to issue circulars on recruitment. The minister of finance also recommended that the procedure should be amended to require a clearance letter from the Director General of the Budget Office to confirm budgetary provision for any planned recruitment.” CRIME The church in question has been sealed off. So, we had to use another church in the community to celebrate the mass to honour the souls of those who died and for the quick recovery of those who sustained injuries. “We also prayed for the perpetrators to repent and accept the Christ. We are not saying that the government should not play their role by prosecuting them. For me as a Christian, I want them to repent so as to save their souls. Besides, if they don’t repent, more people will be involved.” He said the Catholic Church in the area had set up a fundraising committee to assist the victims. 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