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SUNDAY PUNCH Spice For Men AUGUST 13, 2017 Tofarati Ige e s i m i n Mi keloids K eloids can be caused by acne, minor           to treat, they don’t go away on their own. These are steps you can take to minimise the chance of their formation Shave carefully Be careful when shaving to prevent nicks and cuts. Have a skin care routine If you have acne, don’t pop pimples and maintain a proper skin care regimen. See a dermatologist to keep acne under control. Serious acne lesions can develop into keloid scars that can be worse than the acne. Avoid body piercings and tattoos Keloids can develop on the earlobes from simple ear piercing and other body piercing as well as tattoos. Avoid cosmetic surgery If you will be having a surgical procedure done and are prone to keloid scarring, let the surgeon know and discuss what can be done to minimise scarring. There are things that a surgeon will be able to do to try to avoid keloids, including cortisone injections into the wound area and using steri-strips to keep tension off the wound. Follow post-operative care directions to the letter. Treat injuries and burns immediately Keep wounds clean by using gentle cleansers without harsh or irritating ingredients. Run cool water over burns or use a cool compress. For serious burns or injuries, see a doctor. Keep the wound moisturised Moisturise the wound to prevent the scar from drying up and possibly reopening. To help moisturisers absorb and sooth wounds, heat up a wet washcloth i FR֖7&vfRFǒ7BV@BFBFFRW&VB6BfrWvFvVFR7GW&6W"76vRFR66 76vR6767BvF6gFVrBVƖr`66'2आW&&BR&VVFW0fW"FR6VFW"BW&&&VVFW2F( B6VVЧFv&gFW"VB2&VGf&VB7BVFP&VVFW26ǒVWFR66'2V'&6FVBBFR67B@VƖvFVF&W726W6VB'FRvVB&R7W&RBFW6RFrFBvgW'FW"'&FFRFR66FƲFW"F7F"&Vf&RW6rW&&&VVFW2vVG2B66'2WG&7B֖vBv&bW6VBVFFVǒWr66'2FW"BWG&7G2FW6R&Vf&RVBf&2&R6VFV6F6B'V&PFW"GW&&VVFW2FB֖vBv&FG&VBWr66'06VFRRfW&vV66'WGFW"fVFW"6VGVFVG&VPB67F"R6FW"fVv"v&Ɩ2VBধV6RfB7VW7W&PfB7VW7W&RBW6R7V67&VV"&FV7FfR6FrF&FV7BFR66"BVWBg&gW'FW"F&VrआVg&FR6FRW@B26'FBFVBWG&VB&6FWBBG&VF 0@P`ppp0@Ppp@``0qPq 0@pP@a`pp7F6pbR6R7F6rFV7&V6W2&B6&7VFFR6v66G&'WFW2FFWVFRVƖrbvVG2@76&ǒF77VR723