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Sunday PUNCH august 13, 2017 Spice Crème de la crème People think I’m joking when serious –Lolo 37 Popularly known as Lolo, Omotunde Adebowale-David, speaks to TOFARATI IGE about her career and personality W hat spurred you to do comedy? From the time that I was a child, I loved to make people laugh and do joyful things. Also, I realised that comedy gave me the platform to do the things that I loved. While working as a radio presenter, I was surrounded by comedians such as Igos. When he had his first show, he invited me to be part of it and said that he believed I could do it. That was how I had my first stand- up performance at a comedy show. That was how I got into mainstream comedy, even though I wouldn’t say that I’m really mainstream but I’ve cut my teeth. What fond memories can you recall of your childhood? I have so many fun memories from my childhood. I stayed in the hostel right from when I was in elementary school, which means that I have been independent for a long time. However, I was the last child and my sisters were also in the hostel with me at some point. Some washed my clothes and I was quite spoiled by them as they took care of me as a baby. It was when they left that reality hit me and I had to learn to do things for myself. I loved writing short stories as a child and literature in English was one of my best subjects. I remember that my father, a fair-complexioned man with a big round tummy, used to visit me think we all go through that. What is your relationship with other female comedians? My relationship with other female comedians is cordial. Everybody cannot be your best friend but we are all colleagues and when we have to do things together, we find a common ground to work together. I’ve worked with a couple of them at different times and we don’t have any issues. We relate with each other regularly but there’s nothing out of the ordinary. Of course, some would be closer to you than others, but that’s just normal. Is there any difference between your personality on screen and off screen? I believe that I’m an extremely humorous person on and off set. I bring entertainment to a place and I’m usually the life of the party. On set, it depends on what role I’m acting. If it’s close to my real character, you would get that humour from me. Off screen, I love being indoors and I can be quiet sometimes. What do you enjoy about being on radio? On radio, you get to do a lot of things with your voice and that’s what I love most about it. Have you ever been embarrassed on account of your jokes? I wouldn’t call it outright embarrassment. In comedy parlance, we call it koboko, which is when you crack jokes and people don’t find it funny. I’m sure every comedian has gone through that at some point. I’ve had such moments but I always find my way around it. How would you describe your style? My style is easy. I like to dress in a way that suits my body. I don’t like to take unnecessary risks and wear loud outfits. I like to be classy; a little bit sexy and edgy but definitely not over the top. What are the most important lessons you’ve learnt in the course of your career? I have learnt to be respectful to people. Everybody you come across can be instrumental to your growth in different ways. Never despise people and always value everyone around you. I have also learnt that diligence pays. Some of the popular people may not be the most talented but they are diligent, and that’s what got them to the great heights they’ve attained. How do you balance at a particular time. I your career and home? let her know that she Setting priorities is needs to pray for me the only way you can because it’s only mummy balance your life. I’m that is shouldering the a single mom with responsibilities. four kids and that Do you look could be tough but I forward to marriage make sure that I carry someday and what my children along in qualities would you be everything I’m doing. looking for in a man? And that has been I like a man who fears God working for me and one who will love my for more than five daughter. years; I think I’m doing Looking back now, well. how fulfilled are you as a Are you still willing comedienne? to give marriage another I am very fulfilled as a shot? comedienne but don’t forget that I Yes, if the right man comes also act and sing too. along. Where do you draw your What are the qualities inspiration from? you’d be looking out for this From things that happen around time? me, people in church, movies, What is most important and animals...the list is endless. Honestly, non-negotiable is that the man you don’t want to enter the mind of a must know who he is in God; he comedienne. mus