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SUNDAY PUNCH AUGUST 13, 2017 Spice Society 36 Kemi Lanre-Aremu Nkechi Okocha steals the show Uju Murphy’s new life S he is well-known in fashionable circles. In her forties, pretty and light-skinned Uju Murphy was married to Igbo-born businessman, Murphy Ozohue. Before she parted from her husband, they were quite popular in the social arena as they went almost everywhere together whenever the latter visited from his overseas abode. They split up in 2009 after being married for eight years. While little or nothing is now known about her ex-husband, Uju, who is a mother of three, has been the centre of attention. Not many will forget the party she hosted to celebrate her 40th birthday in 2016. These days, it                       the nines, the changes in her lifestyle have not gone unnoticed. S ‡0XUSK\ Ashley Adeleke-Adaji parties ince getting married to Jay Jay Okocha more than 15 years ago, Nkechi Okocha has maintained a subtle presence on the party scene. Blessed with good looks and an enviable style, Nkechi knows how to turn heads wherever she goes. Often attending events in company with her husband, and at other times with her friends, she is mostly dressed in designer wear. Not too long ago, she was a guest at a private party in Lagos and not a few people          T he mother of two is one of the beautiful daughters of          !         "                          featured a conspicuous display of wealth, were several bigwigs.                           #                   The excited parents hosted family and friends to a party last              $  ensured there was more than enough to eat and drink.          %    jewellery, was the centre of attention as she stepped out in     ‡7KH$GDMLV ‡7KH2NRFKDV Fifi Ejindu slows down Ene Lawani to marry?          & '     prominent residents of the Federal Capital Territory. (     '  " )  !                        on the social scene in Lagos and other cities in Nigeria. Blessed with looks that belie her years, she seems to have taken a back seat. Gone are the days when she attended events hosted by her ilk. Unlike what obtained before and after she fell out with her former close   *          &   content with her dimmed visibility. F ‡(MLQGX Daisy Danjuma celebrates at 65 ormer Miss Nigeria, Ene Lawani, is one of the most popular ex-beauty queens. 66RFRVBbW"&Vv6R2&VVB&VWfBFR6666VRB6FVW2FF6आW"V&G6&RFGV6VBFW 0@ P`p00@ p@PFW&&VF6vFW"&Ɩ&Pаp  p`q0@P`0@W"f6ƖfW7GRFR"v2&VVFVf аpаPqp P00q10 0p&VF67FRb&V6VB'VW'00 0A@0@P 00 A(rtEՅ@RbFRG&62bv66WGF7FV&V6RV FW"7BvVVVBBVRg&vƷ2bƖfRvFW&VBF6VV'&FRW"'&VBFvVW&FVW2FV&WFBFRVF7FFR&&vW"7FVBf֖ǒBg&VG2Fw&B'GBFR&W7FvW0VFVB7VFW2f7F&6BFR7&VRFR7&VRb66WGGFVFVBFR'GFB7FVB6WfW&W'2vF7B6RbFR7BWV6fR'FW2F26FRbFPFfFRFRFV2FBvVB7FrFW"vG&W2vr0 `p00`@@1 1࠰@ap`p`10S01p@Ppppq q00ApA@P1p @Pp`q1p0 Qp`00@@P p0R'WBfWrG&W76VBw&VVG&W72BF6rFBWvVW'F7W&FVBvrbW72(rEE