Epunchng - Most read newspaper in Nigeria Sunday, August 13, 2017 - Page 35

Sunday SUNDAY PUNCH AUGUST 13, 2017 Pages 30 & 35 w why I’m still Sound Sultan Nigerian musicians is concerned, one name that nd Sultan. (          ce, he has been churning out songs loaded with              don’t know why I’m still here. It’s not like I have even though the world may want you to be like have decided to stick to it while constantly giving r success I have achieved to God. If not for God,     )    *           #       $+  #       the industry and it was more about the passion his songs, Sound Sultan said, “I really don’t have et to come. Inasmuch as I still have life, I believe better. I believe in passing messages across with      * ‡6RXQG6XOWDQ have kids out of says ays Ruggedman phens, aka Ruggedman, has been around for a long time. Renowned hich he came down heavily on some Nigerian artistes for singing on himself many enemies along the line. However, more than a e still rings a bell. s how he has managed to remain in public consciousness. “Like I said nd stay forever like culture. I always move with the times and I make h the people who are making waves at any particular time and I keep the industry, he said, “I am happy that many of the things I ke about in those days are still happening. I have always been mpaigning for the use of our mother tongue in our songs. hen I started, some people felt I was just a troublemaker;                 6  I said in another of my songs, I will always speak my mind; whether people agree with it or not. I stand on the side of the truth and that is what I’m known for. I wouldn’t go out of my way to diss anyone; I will just say the things that people know but don’t want to say. Truly, I have lost a lot for speaking my mind, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Now, we all know that Nigerian songs have taken over the whole African                money off rap music in Nigeria.” On when he would be getting married, the rapper said, “I have chosen to keep my relationship, and my private life in general away from the press. I have vowed not to have kids out of wedlock and I am bidding my time to do the right thing.” Maintaining that his clothing line is doing well, he said, “Twentieth September Wears is still very much around. I started making clothes a very long time ago and it is something that I’m passionate about. We produce outside the country and that is actually one of the challenges that we have because of production logistics. There have also been some factors that have cropped up along the way, but we’re doing well.” My life, my business –Sasha A nthonia Yetunde Alabi, aka Sasha, used to be known as Nigeria’s First Lady of hip hop but in the fast-paced world of the Nigerian music industry, that seems like aeons ago. Now, her name would most likely be met with blank stares from the majority of young music lovers. The talented femcee has been off the radar for a long time and it seems she is intentionally keeping it that way. Sunday Scoop ran into her recently and she refused to speak on her latest activities. “I really don’t have anything to say. If I have anything to say to the media, I know the proper channels through which I can pass the message across. I have a right to my privacy and I hope you would respect that.” When asked if she isn’t bothered that her silence may make her name to be forgotten, she said, “Whatever I do with my life is my business. I am not the kind of person who wants to always be in the news. I prefer to let my actions speak for me.” The former Trybes Reco