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Sunday Tofarati Ige 08068792241 (SMS only) tofaratiige@yahoo.com @grandtycoon @grandtycoonGT We will continue protest until Buhari returns –Charly Boy P opular entertainer and activist, Charles Oputa, aka Charly Boy, is not taking kindly to the claims by the police that he faked his collapse at a protest ground in Abuja to attract attention. He told Sunday Scoop, “It is true that I collapsed. The tear gas made me dizzy and I fell.                         3          is the police force. Everybody is lying and in deceit mode. If Nigerian people believe their government and police, then so be it. I have told you what happened. It is not my job to be trading words about whether or not it happened. My focus is on what we’re doing. The mistake the police made was to face the protesters as if they (police) had come for war. Meanwhile, they cannot face Boko Haram and armed robbers. They prefer to bully ordinary citizens.” Speaking further on what actually transpired on the fateful day, he said, “They didn’t want us to continue the protest regardless of the fact that we had written to them that it would last for two weeks. They reluctantly agreed because we spoke with all the security agencies. I guess they were overwhelmed with the attention we were getting and they came out in full force to make sure we did not gather. On that particular day, it wasn’t even a rally; it was just the normal sit-out where we would gather and sit down in public for some hours. On that day, we were only seven that were there. The security operatives were on edge and they didn’t want us to start attracting other people. So they turned their tear gas, water cannon and attack dogs on us. Later on, they said it wasn’t us they were targeting, that they were aiming for the miscreants around. Meanwhile,                  publicity for their action. Anyway, we continued the protest after that day and we would still go on. We plan to continue the protest till the president returns to the country. If the                  and rest. But we know that his hands are tied personally. He is not really the one running Nigeria; it is a cabal.” he said. Why I’ve been absent from social media - Cossy Ojiakor B usty actress, Cossy Ojiakor’s social media pages used to be a Mecca of sorts for her numerous fans and followers. The actress usually uploaded sensual and provocative pictures, as well as some explosive revelations. But for well over a month, she has been silent, only coming on Instagram occasionally to post greetings to her colleagues on their birthdays. Sunday Scoop    %&     out the reason for her absence and she said, “I’m going through a lot of personal struggles right now and that’s why I’ve been off social media for some time. I have not even taken pictures for months and that’s because I’m not in the right frame of mind. I want to be off the scene so I can have some retrospective thoughts about my life. Mind you, the challenges I’m going through have        * Asked if any particular incident was responsible for the break considering that she used to be very active online, she said, “Can’t someone just decide to keep quiet again? It’s not as if anything major happened, and I wasn’t threatened by anybody. I just don’t want to be on social media for now.” Speaking on the allegations she made about some actresses and clerics some months ago, she said, “Believe me, I’m still going to talk about it. I’m only waiting for the right time. Everything I said is the truth.” Whether Cossy will ever get married is a question a lot of people would like to have an answer to so Sunday Scoop asked her. She said, “I believe that will come someday. When I marry, I will post the pictures on Instagram and everybody will see it, but for now, I don’t want to concern myself with that. The man has to be someone who is mature enough to love me for who I am.” The actress, who has plans to travel to Europe for a movie premiere soon also stated that she attracts a lot of attention whenever she travels outside the country. “It is true that people stare at me whenever I travel outside the country. A lot of people cannot just stop looking at my boobs and admiring them. Some even ask me if I did cosmetic surgery and when I reply in the negative, they are usually impressed,” she said. I don’t know relevant –S A s far as the current generation of Nig cannot be tossed aside is that of Sound $%&'  ( ( song, Jagbajantis in 2000. And ever since, meaningful messages. Sunday Scoop        relevant. He said, “To be honest with you, I d any secret. I just try to stay true to myself e everybody else. I love making music and I ha my best. Most importantly, I owe whatever         (                  $ of that time, there wasn’t much money in th that one had. Asked to mention his favourite out of all h any favourite because I believe my best is yet I would be able to come up with something b          I won’t ha wedlock, sa P opular rapper, Michael Ugochukwu Steph for his controversial song, Ehen, in whi songs that were below par, he has won decade after he burst onto the scene, his name In a chat with Sunday Scoop, he explains h in my song, Baraje, I blend with the trend and sure I stay on top of my game. I also work with making good music,” he said. Speaking on his early days in th spoke camp Whe  I s wh th I’m under pressure to dump RnB –Praiz S inger, Praise Adejo, aka Praiz, came to the limelight when he featured in the             -&  ' /    With songs like Rich N Famous, Sisi, Folasade, among others, he has carved a niche for himse bFRW62GW7G'R267GV6F2'&Bb& v62vGFVf27&72FRv&RआvWfW"B2vFVǒ&VƖWfVBFBb&FW2FR6fVF@&RV"BF6VW62RvVBGG&7B&Rf0BG&vRख6BvF7VF66FR6vW"F֗GFVBFBR2FVV@&VVVFW"&W77W&RF6vR2vV&RbW62( Ē6r&"&V6W6RF@2vBrrFF&W7B&VƖWfR7FrG'VRFח6VbBvv0RW62FRvBW"FB( 6f'F&RvFG'VǒBbVPfR6VBRF7vF6FF6V'WB&VG'VRFג7&gBvWfW"א7GRbW622BFRW7V&"6w2ƖR6RB661a1!0b01 `FVBFW6rגfW'6FƗG&&ǒW66B6B&P&VBF6&W"( Х7VrgW'FW"R6B( ĒfRfVBFBVRWG6FRFR6VG'&V6FPג7GRbW62&RBvVWfW"W&f&WG6FRFR6VG'gFVVBvVVR6rג6w2v&Bf"v&B7Vr2'&B&76F'6FVvFFR&r6W&6fVFF&6B( ėB2W6FrRf"R&V6W6RfR&VrffVBvFVF&7FfFW2FBbFw2f"6&Gv6F( BV&Ɩ66SBwVW72FN( 0vBFRfVFFF6VBBFV6FVBFRRFV"&76F"VvRB6v&VBvFFV&Vf&R6R6&F&R&V7G2(