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Sunday PUNCH august 13, 2017 Spice Content 26 Editor’s note W   hen I gained admission to the university, I and a classmate decided to rent a room, so we pooled our resources. It was a two-man room but somehow, six of us ended up living there throughout our four-year study at the university. Shortly after we moved into the accommodation, we began to get requests from friends who wanted to squat with us. After a careful deliberation, we decided to take in two friends we believed were easy-going and would not give us any problems. As time went on, the two people we accommodated also brought in their own friends and because we somewhat enjoyed each other’s company and everyone was well-mannered, we did not see it as a problem There were times it became very uncomfortable, there were also times we disagreed but in all, it was a fun experience. Even though the number of persons in the room outnumbered the beds, we had a gentleman’s agreement on how to cohabit peacefully. That made our time together peaceful for the better part of the years we lived together. What many do not realise is that you have to be mindful of the feelings of those you live with. Because it’s your home does not mean that you should act in a reprehensible manner regardless of what the other party thinks. On page 34 are simple rules you should observe while sharing an apartment with either family or friends. Practice these tips and share with others. Have a fun week. –Kemi Lanre-Aremu Inside Scoop I won’t have kids out of wedlock- Ruggedman Society —30 Nkechi Okocha steals the show ( 33`VRvF''𐐐( 33`7Bv&@&GF&V7F'27BFRRVB7Fr( 4V6&W76r( CCV&R7W66WF&RFVG2&V6W6RB6&PFff7VBFG&VBBFWF( BvvFV"vG2&W7BfFVB&VB&RvR322P5$UpVCV֒&R&VP6'&W7FVG3'V&&RFf&FvRB&7W0