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news August 13, 2017 2 Corruption: We didn’t plug all loopholes, says Jonathan Olusola Fabiyi F or the first time, former President Goodluck Jonathan said in Abuja on Saturday that his administration did not plug all loopholes in its bid to end corruption in the country. But he said it was wrong to assume or say that the economy would have been in a worse shape if his administration had not been voted out of power in 2015. The former president spoke at the Peoples Democratic Party non- elective national convention, which was held at the Eagle Square, Abuja. Jonathan, who was accompanied to the podium by his former deputy, Mr. Namadi Sambo, some serving and former governors, including chieftains of the party, also delved into the achievements which he said were recorded during his administration. Though he was armed with a prepared speech, the former president appeared to be angry, especially when he made some statements outside his prepared text. Apparently not satisfied with the bashing his government has been receiving from Nigerians, especially over the looting of the treasury by some of the officials who served in his government, the former president promised to talk soon. He said even though there was a major flood disaster in the country in 2012, his government made sure that the prices of agricultural products did not go up. Jonathan said, “Though we didn’t completely plug the loopholes in the fight against corruption, but we did well. “I learnt that some people said that if the PDP had remained in power beyond 2015, the economy would have been worse. This couldn’t have been the case, because we had a sound economic team in place. “Let us not forget that the great floods of 2012 were a major calamity that damaged homes and farmlands on the plains of River Niger and Benue. “But despite the devastating effects of this natural disaster, there were no food shortages or arbitrary increase in prices, because of what we were Have a story for us? Contact: Politics: 08033461633 politics@punchng.com; General News: 08165625046 Online: 08116759796 generalnews@punchng.com; Business: 07068835954 business@punchng.com POLITICS able to accomplish with our agriculture transformation agenda, which considerably boosted food production. “If we say that we rekindled hope in our people and regained international goodwill, it is because we pursued a number of policies and programmes that were not only richly rewarding for our people, but were also being copied by many countries across the globe, a few of which I will mention here.” n the economic front, he said his government provided focused leadership through institutional and sectoral reforms which he said impacted positively on the fundamentals for growth, especially in the last four years of his time in power. He said the effect was that his government was able to reduce inflation to a single digit, maintain price stability, grow the economy to become the largest in Africa with a GDP of over half a trillion US dollars, and the number one foreign direct investment destination on the continent. He expressed hope that the party would regain power in 2019, but begged its members to close ranks and remain committed. He also asked them not to be jittery or allow anyone to intimidate them, saying that God loves the former ruling party. “The PDP is indeed back to reclaim its prime position as the party to lead Nigeria to greatness. As a human institution we cannot claim perfection, but obviously as a political party, our accomplishments as of 2015 far outweigh our shortfalls,” he said. Jonathan added, “Nobody should intimidate the PDP. I believe in the PDP; even God Himself believes in the PDP. Today is August 12, look at the weather. “God wants us to celebrate in the PDP, that’s why there is no rain. We are ready to take over the state houses of assembly, the National Assembly, the states as governors and the Presidency. “It is important we manage our differences responsibly, with an eye on the divine role of the PDP to lead Nigeria to greatness. Let us rededicate ourselves to playing by the rules. O “Let us all ensure that the PDP is renewed in vigour to deliver on its divine responsibility to Nigerians. Let us forget the grievances of the past and look to the future with confidence and optimism. “I urge you to go back to your respective constituencies to promote the ideals of our great party. Let it be known that our party has been born anew, committed to the best ideals of democracy.” He called on members of the party to pronounce the rebirth of the party in every part of the country, adding that “the PDP is back to claim its rightful place )ѡ́ѡѥ)ݔٔ݅́ݔɔ)ɕѼɕɸ9ɥѼ)ѡѠչ䰁)ɽɥ今t)5əѕ)́ȁɄѡ)ɥ)ѡ)ٕѥѡA@)ѕѡѕɔ)ѡéѥ)ɕхȁѕݡ)́Mѽȁ)5ə)Qѕݡ͔)ѕɔɕMɑ)ٕ݅́ѡȁ)ѡ)ݥѡ)ݡ)Ѽɝ͔ѥ)ٕѥݡɔ)ѥ́ݽձ)ѕ)Q́݅́ѡ)ɕͽѥ͕́)ѕ䁵́ѡ)䁽Mɑ)Ёɽɝͥ)ɕ͠ѥѡɕх)ѕ́ͼѕ)Ѽ͕ѱɥم́)́ѡ䁉ɔ)٥)]Ѡѡ́ѕͥѡ)ѕɔѡѕ)́ѕѼ)ȀȰܸ)ɵȁٕɹȁ)݄%MхєMѽ)ݥٕ)ѡѥȁѡѕͥ)ѡѕɔ݅)ѕ䁄ɵ)ٕɹȁ)݄Mхє)Mձ1)Q)ٕɹ))Iٕ)Mхє)9ͽ)]ٕѡѥ)ȁѡͽѥ)ɵѥ))ѡ)ѵЁɕх)ѕȁɄ)Mхє!́ѥ݅)ѕ䁄ɵ)5ѕȁ]̰)5̸% ɽ)Qѥɕх)ѕɱȁٕ)ѡͅѼݼѥ)ѡхєᕍѥٔ))ѕѕ)ɵȁ5ѕȁ!Ѡ)Aɽ 9ݽ԰́ѡ)ɵѡɕх)ѕ)ͼ)ѡ))ɕٕ́ᕍѥٔ)ѕ͕ٕ́)хѕ́ݡɔЁͅѡɔ)ݕɔ)ѡ)Ʌɽ)ѕ́ѥ́ȁݡɔ)ѡɔݕɔЁ)Qхѕ́ѕɔ)1̰݄-)=ո=ո ɹ)-݅Ʉ)Q)ɕх)ѕٕ݅́ѡɕ)ѡ́ѼՍЁɕ͠)ѥ́ѡхѕ̸)MхєٕɹȰ)%Ʌ)݅)ٕѡѥ)ѡͅѡхє)ᕍѥٕ))݅)ѕ䁡́Mхє)չѕаȸ=饔)%Ը)ɵȁ5ѕȁ)%ɵѥAɽ))ͼٕѥ)ȁѡɵѥ)́ѡ䁥ͥ)ѥ齹́ѡ)չ)!́ѥݡ݅)ѕ䁄ɵ)Mȁѡ)!͔Iɕ͕хѥٕ̰)5ȸ))%)ѕ)9Ѡ Ʌ)9Ѡа)9Ѡ]а)MѠ]а9Ѡ Ʌ)MѠMѠ)]Ѡѡ̰ѡ)͕Ѽٔɕͽٕѡ)ɥͥ́ѡѕ齹̰)䁥ѡMѠ])ݡɔݼѥ́ɕѱ)ɕЁѥ́)ѡѡ)]5ȸ5ս)=չ́ɕ)ѡ)e)ѡѥ)ɵѡ齹ѡ)ٕѥMɑ)ɽݹ5ȸ=啙ͼ)ɽ=Mхє́ѡ)ɕ͕ɵ)M)5ə)ͥѕѡЁѡɔݕɔٔ)ѕ́Ѽѽѡ)ٕѥ)5əݥ)ɥєѼѡMɕ) аݡͅ)ѡ䁽Ё)ѡȵѡ́ɥͥ́ѡ)ѕ́չ̸)!ͅѡ݅)ѥɕѼյ)ݕ)())ݥ͡Aɕͥ)5աԁ աɤե)ɕٕ䰁ѡЁѡ)A@ݽձѼ)́+q]ݕ)AɕͥЁ աɤݔ)ɅѡЁ́(ɽ1Ё)ɕյݽɬ]݅ЁѼ)ЁѡA ))Ѡ䳊tѡ)ɵȁٕɹȁ-չ)Mхє)!ͅѡٕѥ)݅́ѕѼѡ)9ɥѡ́ݡ)ͅqɔչ䁅ѡ)ɕ́ٔѼ)䁙ȁѡȁ͍̻t)ͼф)MхєٕɹȰȸ%)=݄ͅѡA@)ɕٕɕɕɹ)Ѽɕѽɔ٥Ʌ䁅)ѕɥ)Ѽ)9ɥe)Ʌ))ɝ)9ɥ́Ѽѹȁѡ))=݄ݡ݅́ѡ)ɵѡٕѥ)ѕͅѡЁѡ)Ёݼ啅́ɕ͕ѕ)ɕЁ́Ѽѡ))ͅѡ́)ɕͥѥѥ)ѡ)ѥ́ݕɔ՝Ѽ)ͥѡé͡)ɕ͕ЁѡЁѡ)䁡ٕɍ)̸)͍ɥѡACe)Ʌم́̃qѥʹɔt)=݄ͅѡЁѡ)٥ٕչѥ)Ѡѡ́݅́)ѕѥѼѡɕͥ)́Ʌ̵ɽϊdՍɔ)ɝͅѥ)!ͅq=́́)ɵ䁅ɕѡ)Ʌ̵ɽ̰ѕѼ)ѡչՔ݅)ѡЁɕ͕́ѡЁݕ)ձ䁉́Ѽѡ+q]ɔɕչ)ɕͥѡЁѡɔ́))ѡ丁ѥٔ)͡ѹ͡)ɕͽٕѼѡ́ɥа)́ѡЁݔѼե)ѡɕѠѼɕɔ)ݕȻt)Qѕɵ)ͅѡЁѡЁѡ)٥ѥ́ݸ)Ս́݅́ѡ)ͽɥͽ́ѡЁ)ɹЁɽ́и)ͼѡ ɵ)ѡéMє Ս̰)ɕ9ɥ)ѡЁѡݽձ)))͕Ʌѥ)ѡչ)QݵȰݡ)ͼѡ5ɥ1)ѡMє)є́ͽ)ѡչ䰁ѡ)ѡչ䁽ѡչ݅)ѥ)!ɕ9ɥ)ѡACéЁ)́ѡɕ͕)Ʌѥݡɔ)Ёхѡչ)Ёɕͥ)!ݕٕȰͅѡ)ݽձЁЁ) ) ѡ+ ]ɔեѡ)ɥ́Յ)ȁɕѥ)хɥ̸+ ]ٔѡЁѡ͔)ɥ́ѡ)ՍЁɔѡͥ)ՉЁ)+ ]ٔѡЁѕ)͕ɕձѥ)ѡɽ՝ɽͥ)ѡ́չ)Ё)ݽձЁ͕ٔѡ)ѕɕЁѡɽͥ)ͽ+ ]Չ͍ɥѼѡ)=Ց͵ʹ)х͡ѡ)9ȁAɽɥѽϊd)ͽѥ9ɥ)ѕ䁽ѡ)х̰Ѽє)́Ёѡ)ɕ́ѡՍ)ɕɕɕ̸)ѡЁݽձչѡ)չ䁥Ѽɕͥ)Aɕɔչ́)A@Ѽѥͽ齹)5ݡѡɔɔ)ѥ́ѡЁѡѥ)͡ѡA@)չȁѕ͔ɕɔѼ)ѥͽ́ɕ䁅ѕ)齹ȁѡѥ)̰MU9dAU9 )ɹЁMɑ)Qɕ Ё݅)ѡɕ)݅))չѕѡ͔ݡٔ)ѕɕЁͽ̸)Q́ͅɔ)ͥɕɅѕ́ѡ)ɕɕ́Ȁ)Ʌѥ̸)=)ɕ)ѡɕѡЁѡ齹)ѡ́݅́)ѡՕ͍͕́ѡ)ٕɹ́ѡ䁅)ͽ䁱́Ё)ѥթɥ)и)%Ё݅́ѡɕѡ)ݡɝյ́ȁ)Ёѡ齹ɵձ)ɥ䁅ѕѡ)䁉ѕ͔ѡ)䁱́Ѽ)Ёѕ)͕ѥѕ)ѡѕȁѕȸ)ɔܰѡ)䁡齹ѡ)ȁ́ѥ)ɵѼѡMѠ)]иͼ齹Ѽѡ)ɕݕɔѡͥѥ)9ѥQɕɕȁ)9ѥAՉ)Mɕх)Q齹ѡ)ͥѥ́Ё)9ѥ) ɵ)9ѥ1٥͕Ȱ)9ѥ])1ȁ9ѥ)ՑѽȁѼѡMѠMѠ)Q)MѠ))ѡ́ѡ9ѥ)=ɝͥ)Mɕх)9ѥeѠ1ȁ)9ѥ)Mɕх)Mͽ))ѡ9ѥ ɕх) ѕѡ)Aɥ弁唰ѽ)ȁɕЁѡ)ѡݽձ͕Ё)ѕѡѕȸ+q%Ё́ѡՕ)ѡЁݔݽձ)ͽ́ݔ͕ѱݸܸ)QѕݥمՅє)ѡ齹)ݥѠݡЁ́Ʌѥٔt)ͅ)5ݡ))ɕЁѡɕѡ)ͽٕɹ́ɕم)ѡ䁹ЁѼ)́兰Ѽ5)MɥݥѠѡͥ)ɕЁѡЁє))ȁɔɵѥ)͔х)=ѡ=Ց͵)9ȁAɽɥѽϊd)ͽѥ9ɥ(ఁ5居 ɕ͍а)5居%=ȁ)ɽՑ͵兡)