Epunchng - Most read newspaper in Nigeria 12th-Oct-2017 - Page 23

viewpoint The power of Nigerian women’s #WhiteBlouse national unity; the Project Steering Committee for the implementation of the 54.5 million Euros support g re g odog wu @y a h oo. com 0 8 0 6 36 0 16 6 5 project for the North-East; and the “We (women) have to mobilise to add our newly established Corruption and Financial Crimes voices and assert our right as citizens, as mothers, Cases Trial Monitoring Committee. In my view, with the formation of the as women and as one half of the population of NGWomen4Peace, Nigeria just entered a new this nation in pursuit of peace, dialogue and epoch - unveiling of the country’s feminine side. de-escalation” –Dr. Priscilla Achakpa, Executive Director, Indeed, we need peace and mother-care more than ever before; we need a feminine force to gather us Women Environmental Programme like the proverbial hen which gathers her children EST we forget, a lot of Nigerians literally under the warm cocoon of her spread wings in times prepared for war just a couple of weeks ago. of danger. We need a re-awakening of our underlying However, when the dreaded date finally came female consciousness, fully mobilised for national on the first day of the fourth quarter of the year, cohesion. We need a touch of the feminine mystique. History has shown that nature listens when no gunshots were fired. Instead, many Nigerian women donned their white blouses and took to women moan. Even, here in Nigeria, we always tell the streets and to the social media, preaching and retell the story of the famous Aba Women’s peace. It spurred an atmosphere that was almost Riot of 1929. Ironically, after that intervention, our contagious, and tuned our ear drums to the voice women never really showcased another concerted platform for national action. Nevertheless, with the of Mother Nigeria. This, we must celebrate! This year’s Independence Day celebration calibre of women that convened the White Blouse on October 1 was significant. Nigerian women movement, we can only wait to see if our hunger came together and mobilised for peace, against shall be assuaged. The western world has had its own feminine the backdrop of general angst and pervasive uncertainty in the country. Just before the D-day, movement, which played a great role in the world’s on September 7, women from across Nigeria met in socio-political evolution. The same can also be said Abuja to discuss two needs: A platform for women of South East Asia. As of today, the environmental to voice their concerns about key issues which development of the Far East is solely tied to the negatively impact women, their children and their grassroots women empowerment policy of most poor families; and need to organise