Epunchng - Most read newspaper in Nigeria 12th-Oct-2017 - Page 21

my news.com O lusanya anjorin, lago state, facebook. com/insightfulimpact: Throughout the last general elections, it was widely known that while a certain political party advocated for change, its major rival yearned for continuity. In other words, the latter wanted the status quo to continue. But the people had the say and they decided for change. After the tides subsided, friends, associates and foes alike systematically defected to the winning party; amidst celebrations and jubilations. The winning party was excited to hold sway. At the height of the excitement, not a few of us were strong devotees of the change mantra. Nevertheless, at the moment, the song is beginning to fade, if not in fact totally faded yet. Now, over two years since the baton of leadership was exchanged, preparations for another round of elections are about to begin. Yet, the people are in quandary over government policies and are asking: What is happening to job creation for millions of unemployed citizens? What is happening to the constitution amendment that will do away with archaic laws and Readers’ text messages ... Send your text to 08055923429 Please indicate your full name and contact address. Change mantra questions entrench the spirit of true federalism? What is happening to our real GDP growth and economic indices? What is happening to the inflation rate? What is happening to our agriculture sector? Is our dream of operating a buoyant medium/large scale agriculture and agro-allied industry a fantasy? What is happening to generation, transmission and distribution of power? Is our hope of 24/7 uninterrupted power supply that of building castles in the air? Are we still sending our crude oil for refining abroad? Are we taking care of our senior citizens by ensuring timely payment of their retirement benefits? Experts have proffered numerous solutions to help clear the rubbles of past misgovernance but tons of filth still remain to be cleared. With several questions still unanswered, can this change manifest before the present tenure expires? Is there enough time left? Though we have to acknowledge that the government is making attempts at fulfilling its electoral promises, I can’t agree less with the wise words of Bill Parcells: You don’t get any medal for trying something; you get medals for results. The slogan is true that says: Change begins with you. Yes, we believe the change should start with our leaders. A leader is to lead by example. Are our leaders truly ready and willing to suffer the discomfort of change in order to achieve a better future? Richard Eromosele, in his article in the Vanguard on Monday, May 11, 2015 said, “There is only one thing that humans don’t want in life and that is change. But whether we like it or not, change will come. It either comes on its own or is provoked.” A nation is formed by the willingness of its people to share in the responsibility for upholding the common good. There are still people with the belief and faith that the government can turn the tide and prevent this national boat from capsizing. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2017 amosun must hear this! O lalekan Ijaduola, lagos state, +2348024176: A recent visit to the Ogun State Mnistry of Information and Strategy indicated that nothing was working over there. I am a journalist by profession and stopped over to pay a courtesy visit to my friend. There, I was forced to use the convenience but was told to approach a bush for that. I didn’t mind because I was not in my office but to my utmost shock and surprise, I heard some of their staff members discuss about not having working tools like computer, both desktop and laptop, though, when I got there, there was no electricity with the belief that such happens everywhere in vW&'WBv06V'G2bBF6FW"FBFBBv2fW"fW 6B&R6FVBW&RW0V'2FWBBVV7G&6GFW"&rGW7G&WFfG2FV"6V7&WF&B2FRVFB2FPFVvFrF@vFVVvrBWB26&&ǐG&VFVBBvWG27BFr&VƖWfRFBvFFP67G'V7FvrwVখ&WGW&f"G2G&FW"&VƗ6VBFBFW&R0G&vRbW"V6גFRBWW&VV'FW'2FW&WBf6ƗGFF@֖7G'vB2Vr2r6FrbG2@"vfW&#&VWGG&ff2w&F60VbFfVV6G&FRf 6W6VG&7VRv0#3C#3Ccv20VFW"6VvRFRfW&V@'&FvW2&RVfǒFVvFG'V626GFr6f'F&ǐFV66WVVB7fW"bFRG&ff2vЦBFW&666pGVRFFR'W&FVFW&V"gW'FW&&R&G0VFrF&RVFW 6FvG2VG'W@G2Ė&B֖RGvƆfP&VV&'&6FVB'FW'2'F7VFVBG'V62FW0VffV7FfVǒr66W76&RFRF7VffW'0VVFfVB72g&F2VFV'FVFǒ2FPV"b6W&6GW7G&7FfFW2v2FR #