Entrigue Magazine December 2014 October 2014 (Case Cover) - Page 73

MM: The Last Word: (Anything you would like to say readers and supporters) SD: I would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge my readers and supporters and to tell them thank you for taking the time to follow me on my Facebook fan page Stewellathemodel and Instagram Iamstewelladaville. In addition, I would like to thank them for their continued love and support by coming to watch me in fashion shows. It’s always a pleasure speaking with everyone and taking photos after a show or an event. To my mentors, my fashion uncles Ja’dee Murphy and Jerry Jordan Brown, and fashion photographer Jose Pagan, I thank you for your love, support, encouragement, time and dedication. On a final note, what I would like readers to know is to always strive for what you want. Never give up, even if you get knocked down; get up and try again. Never let anyone tell you that you cannot accomplish your dreams, and that’s why it’s your dreams and not theirs. Last, but not least always remember to pray and put God first, he will ensure that everything else falls into place when the time is right. Photo by Troy Tackett- Tackett Photography “Having this opportunity will be a steppingstone towards my goal of becoming a successful editorial and commercial model.” Photo by Ja’dee Murphy- JDM Photography Entrigue Magazine | October 2014 73