Entrigue Magazine December 2014 October 2014 (Case Cover) - Page 72

MM: What do you hope to achieve in your modeling career and is this a steppingstone to something greater? SD: What I hope to achieve in my modeling career is to be signed by a reputable modeling agency, or to be discovered by a scout. Having this opportunity will be a steppingstone towards my goal of becoming a successful editorial and commercial model. MM: Did you attend college and have you taken up a major that you hoped you would do career wise if you had decided to go another career path? SD: I did attend college. I studied Hospitality Management for two years. I took that course because at the time my goal was to work in the travel and tourism industry; which was also my focus in high school. Instead of hospitality management, I would now choose early childhood development as an alternate career path. MM: You’re probably proud of most or all of your castings and experiences but is there one or two you’re more proud of doing? SD: I am definitely proud of all of my castings and experiences; however I am most proud of my casting for Paris Fashion Week. MM: Can you tell us more about your experience in Paris and walking in Tiffany McCalls Paris Fashion Week Event? What else did you do while in Paris? SD: Paris Fashion Week was the experience of a lifetime. I had a great time being apart of Tiffany McCalls Paris Fashion Week Event last September. I had an opportunity to meet a diverse set of individuals such as models, designers, muas/hairstylist and press. Besides participating in the fashion shows, I had the opportunity to go sightseeing. I visited the Eiffel Tower and fell in love with the beauty of the tower and at night I was amazed at its gorgeous view. I also visited the Louvre and the Palace of Versailles; which were both incredible. MM: Where would you like to travel next that you have not traveled to for fashion events? SD: I am fortunate to have been in fashion shows in New York and Paris. Next, I would love to travel to fashion shows in the top fashion capitals such as, London, Milan, Rome, L.A, Madrid and Barcelona. MM: Have you thought of doing something on television or in movies and what would it be if you got that call? 72 Entrigue Magazine | October 2014 SD: I would definitely love to do something on television or in movies. They say modeling turns into acting. If I got that call I hope the roll would be something that I can relate to because my acting would then be more natural. I would be fortunate and up for the challenge wherever or whatever opportunity presents. MM: Are you someone that eats fit or do you indulge in delicious treats yet still keep that fabulous figure? SD: I would describe myself as someone who does not eat fit, instead I indulge. However I truly love to eat salad, fruits and veggies, not to eat fit; but I enjoy them. I love to eat and most of the time it’s healthy things. I fortunately have been 118lbs since high school. MM: Do you have an exercise routine you go through to stay fit? If so what is it? SD: I do not have a exercise routine that I go through to stay fit. I am naturally fit. I have always had a toned body and have been very slender. Lately, I have been doing cardio, as a result of doctor’s orders due to a minor heart surgery in May. MM: What happened? Why he surgery? SD: I had a hole in my heart that was growing although I had no idea of it until I was in an automobile accident. If it wasn’t for the accident I would never had known until it was too late. I am truly blessed every day. MM: Truly! What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not modeling? SD: My favorite thing to do when I am not modeling is to spend time with my loved ones. I also enjoy catching up on my TV shows and reading a few good books. MM: Is there a charity special to you that you donate time or money to or wish you had the time and money to support? SD: I would love to continue to donate my time and support to Sanctuary for Women, which deals with women and domestic violence. I would also love to start donating and volunteering my time to My Sisters Keeper, which is also a domestic violence center for young women. Photo by Eagle Eye- M.J.G Photography