Entrigue Magazine December 2014 October 2014 (Case Cover) - Page 43

You will be motivated to become a better you! By offering hard cold facts, Act Like A Success Think Like A Success, will expose your truth! Whether you are ready to face it or not! Your current circumstances cannot be denied! Readers will not be able to shake off the desire to dream bigger and work harder after reading this book. If you are like me, this book will speak to your soul! With so many powerful points made, readers will also develop patience while working toward achieving goals. Steve Harvey, includes his daily schedule and shares how he stays focused. He uses his very own “Success Formula”, and breaks down the components necessary to achieve success. Act Like A Success Think Like A Success will also boost your confidence! Having a spouse, family members and friends support your dream is truly wonderful. However, after reading this book entrepreneurs will look no further than their own reflections for encouragement! From the beginning to end of this book, you will be uplifted! However, in order to get the most out of this book, you must be willing to be brutally honest about overcoming your fears, releasing your limitations and taking the lid off of life. Steve Harvey admits this book is “not meant for you to read and walk away unchanged.” In my opinion, he successfully delivers on his promise! Act Like A Success Think Like A Success is for mature readers and was published in 2014, by HarperCollins Publishers. The suggested retail price is $25.99 and is sold online and chain stores such as Wal-Mart and Amazon. “This book right here, it’s a game-changer. This book right here will transform so many lives because I’m talking to where the average person is” ~Steve Harvey~ The ‘Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success’ audiobook is available on CD and mp3. Entrigue Magazine | October 2014 43