Entrigue Magazine December 2014 October 2014 (Case Cover) - Page 34

CS: Is Hip Hop the music you perform or do you perform other genres like R&B? MB: My sound is a mixture of Hip Hop, R&B, and POP. CS: What is it that inspired you to start performing Hip Hop? MB: I began writing poetry at a very young age and I drew inspiration from my brother to begin rapping. CS: You have been pursuing music since 2008. Explain what have you been doing since then? Training, performing, single releases, and etc... MB: Since I began actively pursuing my music career, I’ve re-invented myself from Ms. Tiffany to Marlé Blu. My brand has expanded from beyond just rapping. I’m currently selling merchandise for the fans to be able to sport and represent for team Marlé Blu. I’m now active in writing/ referencing records for other artists. I released three projects and my most current EP “Girl Code” is available for sale on iTunes and Google Play. I’ve improved my stage show tremendously and I take pride in putting on an entertaining set. CS: Are you under any management right now? MB: Yes, I have manager. His name is Keith Gervais. CS: Are you currently in ATL? MB: Yes I am, College Park to be exact. CS: How did ‘Came to Party’ come about? MB: ‘Came to Party’ was influenced by the track produced by B. Wheezy. When I heard it, it immediately moved me to a sexy sophisticated 34 Entrigue Magazine | October 2014