Entrigue Magazine December 2014 October 2014 (Case Cover) - Page 33

Marlé Blu Interview by ClubMaster Steele Photography is Michael Martin What do you get when you combine a fresh face, demanding stage presence, clever word-play, quality music, and a creative mystique? You get Marle’ Blu aka “The Beauty with the Bars.” Marle’ Blu (real name: Tiffany Wiggins) is a native of Austin, Texas. Having been a “military brat” she spent her childhood traveling and living in Tucson, Arizona as well as Warner Robins, GA (where she spent the majority of her growing up years). Not only was Marle’ Blu an honor student, but she was an outgoing and adventurous child. Although she was involved in various sports and extra curricular activities, her passion was writing, music, and performing. As a young child around the age of 6, Marle’ Blu began writing poetry and short stories. Her love for literature paired with her interest in music evolved into the beginning of her writing rap lyrics. At age 12, she began exploring the world of music and would often call the local radio station to participate in a rap contest, called “Who Got the Flava?” each day. As a teen, Marle’ Blu viewed music as a hobby and school as a priority. It was not until Marle’ Blu