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It went in the throat and came out the back. Doctors said that if it went in a few centimeters more I wouldn’t be able to sing anymore. If it would have came out a few centimeters more I wouldn’t be able to walk. Everybody would say I was lucky. I say I was not lucky I was blessed. I’ve had a tattoo on my arm since 1997, Its Jesus with dreads and it says “I’m God’s Child” and that’s all the proof I needed. I also tell people this may not be what I am suppose to do. MB: That’s true this could be a steppingstone for something even greater. C: It could be a steppingstone or it could be something that I think I’m suppose to do. MB: Or it could be that it is something to help someone else out and that person may not have come yet. C: Exactly. MB: Wow, I don’t even know what to say. Twenty days later you were back in the studio. C: I still had my neck wrapped up. MB: Were there any major influences in your career? C: Oh yeah. My dad. I sound exactly like him before he started acting up. Charlie Wilson from the Gap Band, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, and Michael Jackson, they were all influences in my career. The Beatles, I’ve grown up listening to all kinds of music. I’ve been able to incorporate everything that influences me to be the artist that I am and in a lot of ways the person that I am. I’ve always tried to put that all into my music because I want the music to be honest. MB: Something I read that you said and most artists won’t admit it. Some of the songs that you dislike the most may be the hits or the one that take you to that next level. not right. Some of them got frustrated because when you tell some artist about their craft and they don’t want to listen, they’ll fall off quick and they don’t want nothing else to do with you. C: Those are the biggest ones. I have a group that I am very good friends with. The biggest hit off of their first album, they tried to take it off the album and my homeboy that executive produced the album he took a cab to the studio and made them put the song back on the album and it ended up being the biggest song on the album. That’s how that always works though. I think that the reason it happens is because, well for me, I don’t make music for me. So the fact that I don’t like it is, actually at the end of the day, is of little importance. C: I had to learn that years ago. I don’t like artist that if you tell them you don’t like one of their songs, they don’t mess with you anymore. My thing is, when I make music, I have a bunch of people around me that can’t wait to tell me they don’t like it. Sometimes I sit there and want them to tell me they don’t like it because that is my challenge to do better. You can’t have a bunch of yes men around you because that’s all they do. That’s the definition of their name. MB: Your so right man. I use to do artist development, I had my own label and I was managing artist and a lot of them were awesome artist but some of the song selections were just 30 Entrigue Magazine | October 2014 MB: So what should we be expecting from you in the upcoming months?