Entrigue Magazine December 2014 October 2014 (Case Cover) - Page 16

Mila J As Mila J took the stage with two dancers it was all about dancing and singing. I would say that because of her high performance in dancing, it may have taken away from her vocal performance. Mila J is a fantastic performer and a brilliant vocalist. It’s great to have a balanced performance with stage presence, dancing, and singing, but artist should be careful not to let excessive movement interfere with the vocal performance. However her songs did have some catchy tunes and beats to them. At the end of her performance Mila J spoke of her EP which contains five tracks and her five videos. Mila J and her dancers then exit the stage but stopped to take a photo with someone from the crowd. The second performance after BJ the Chicago Kid was by Adrian Marcel. Now let me tell you about this young talented artist from Oaktown. Even when he wasn’t singing but rather talking to the audience, Adrian maintained 16 Entrigue Magazine | Octob \