Entrigue Magazine December 2014 November 2012 - Page 73

11. Place the foil on to the backside of glass plate and press foil on to plate. (Picture #8&9) Picture #8 Picture #9 12. Set aside and allow it to dry for a minimum of an hour before trimming excess foil from around the edge of the plate. 13. To trim excess foil, turn plate over right side up and gently tear away or cut away with sharped curved edge scissors. (Picture # 10) 14. Apply glossy accents to the edge of the foil on the backside of the plate where it was trimmed. (Picture # 11) Picture #10 Picture #11 The ideas are limitless! This year holidays in my home will be in the environment of an untraditional décor that can extend after the season have passed. When creating a unique look for your home, try to incorporate your style through handcrafted or altered goods! If busy reflects your personality and works for your scheme, go for it! I don’t expect everyone to agree with the colors I chose for my dining room. However, my husband loves because I love it! I love it, because I made it! And my sons who are 20 and 13 years old don’t care! The bottom line is you do not have to use the common or traditional accessories that normally work for a particular time of the year. I am very confident, my family will enjoy this year’s holidays in the company of family and good food, without the presence of pumpkins or bells! Congratulations,YOU DID IT! Entrigue Magazine | November 2012 73