Entrigue Magazine December 2014 November 2012 - Page 6

november 2012 entrigue magazine 11 Robert Ordonez..Photographer 33 Fashion Photo Shoot:...Photos from professional fashion photographer Julian Bern 39 Mykelti Williamson...Actor/Director Williamson takes on his latest role in the Fox Network series entitled “Touch” 41 Permiss & Singleton Newman:.... Two of Marylands top radio personalities. 46 Family Life:...A discussion of the role of family and the support that one should give. 48 Our Community ...Hot 97 FM partners with Nicki Minaj for Pink Friday Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway in order to give back to the community. 67 Artist Reviews:.... Entrigue reviews some of todays rising music artist as well as todays top artist. 74 Kandia’s Kolumn ...Discussion: Work at Home vs Home Based Business 75 TJ Boyce “The Life” ...R&B artist releases new EP 76 Alex Young ...A Christmas Kiss: New single released by pop artist Alex Young just in time for the holidays. 77 Set on 7 ...Indie band from Indiana releases new album. Contents 6 Entrigue Magazine | November 2012 Photography: Rodney Gibson Designer: Adrian Alicea Makeup by: Picasso and Kate Susen