Entrigue Magazine December 2014 November 2012 - Page 56

November 6th, Designer Sebastian Gunawan, who appeared in the opening show, closed the day with his collection. Gunawane collaborated with the Indonesian Heart Foundation in a charity show. November 7th was dedicated to Moslem fashion and many designers from the APPMI group showcased creations that met with Islamic law and traditions. The days feature was one of Indonesia’s beloved senior designers Obin and also included Ardistia New York, a modern, streamlined ready to wear line with a presence in America. November 8th closed with several key events. First, eight labels selected by the organizers of JFW that received grueling training by the London-based Centre of Fashion Enterprise, showcased their collections. The day ended with the most anticipated show of them all. The show gave recognition to this year’s best five designers curated by leading fashion publication Dewi magazine in their Dewi Fashion Knights program. 56 Entrigue Magazine | November 2012