Entrigue Magazine December 2014 November 2012 - Page 48

HOT 97 Partnered with Nicki Minaj For Pink Friday Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway Coutesy of Hot97: Photos by: Hot97 / Walik Goshorn (New York, NY) - HOT 97 partnered with platinum selling hip hop artist Nicki Minaj to give back to the community she came from for this Thanksgiving! Before she heads out on the European leg of her “Roman Reloaded” Tour, Nicki Minaj joined HOT 97’s Hip Hop Has Heart Foundation last night, Monday, November 19, at her alma mater PS 45 in Queens to give current students free Thanksgiving turkeys, purchased from Western Beef. Over 600 attendees, including students, parents, and faculty of PS 45, joined HOT 97 Monday evening to welcome the New York rapper back to her home turf. Nicki certainly did not disappoint her Barbz! After encouraging the students to keep up with their schooling (click here for video), Nicki took photos with all of the awestruck kids and their families. HOT 97’s Hip Hop Has Heart Foundation was onsite to present free Thanksgiving turkeys to the mesmerized fans as they left the school and headed home to regale their families and friends of their encounters with the charismatic performer. “HOT 97 loves when artists come home to do something great!” states Ebro Darden, HOT 97 Programming Director. “Partnering with Nicki Minaj to feed families for the holidays in her home borough, Queens, was awesome for all!” HOT 97 is honored to have given such an experience to the students and families of PS 45, and to help in the battle against childhood hunger. Since the inception of HOT 97’s Hip Hop Has Heart Foundation in the spring of 1994, the Foundation has committed itself to fulfilling ́ͥѼɕͥٔѼѡ́ɹ́ѡչ䁅ɽєͥѥٔ٥ɽи]ѠѡɕЁمхѥѡ9܁eɬɤхєɕɽ!ɥM䰁ѡ!!!́!Ёչѥ́ɽ٥ɕЁȁI݅䰁 %ͱ)͕ 䰁9݅ɬMхѕ%ͱ1幉ɽɕиѥɵѥѡչѥչЁܹ!=Pܹ!и95́QɥɸɅȁͥȵͽɥѕȸMٕѼEՕ́Ё԰́ЁȁͥѕȁɕͥȁЁմAɥ䰁9́ѽѡ ɐ́ɭݼݽɱݥѽ̸9éѕЁմAɥIIѡIUɽ́ѡ́ݕЁ́ѕȁ͡ɕ͕ȁ܁Aɥəյ9́ЁѼѡհȁѡ́啅Ȅ5ɔѼЁ!=PܹȁձٕɅȁQ͝٥ɭ䁝ٕ݅()=UH =55U9%Qd((ɥՔ5饹9ٕȀ((0