Entrigue Magazine December 2014 November 2012 - Page 30

MB: How did you come about to choose “Stylez” as your stage name? S: It wasn’t until I discovered me as a person and my friends said Stylez it is. That was when I was in the group called T.M.X. MB: For those that don’t know, what is the difference between dancehall and dancehall-pop and As a member of Stylez N Kardo you co-founded the genre POP-TOIS. What exactly is POP-TOIS?? S: Dancehall is more hardcore and ghetto people music laced with Jamaican creole and catered to one type of audience who can relate to it. It inspires, it gives you excitement, joy, sadness and all the above. While dancehall - Pop aka POP-TOIS is a merger of Creole merged with American pop culture. It is its own genre that is more acceptable to mainstream media. In other words it’s more commercial and it gives people a better understanding of what we are saying and can relate to. It’s a more competitive way of creating a sub-genre that can generate not just income but a mainstream fan base like any other genre. MB: Do you think this style will set you apart from other reggae and dancehall artist or does it enhance the entire genre as a whole? S: Well I do, but not because I’m doing it. This has been done already by Sean Paul, Baby Cham, Shaggy, Beenie, Bounty, Shabba etc. it just didn’t have a brand or a home. So because of this it was put in the category of dancehall or cross over music which helped dancehall but at the same time limiting it. For example, if you approach a major label like Universal with a dancehall album or project the first thing they are going to say is they don’t sell. That’s bad for any genre! So that’s why I think I will stand out because my team and I are paving and teaching a way for the younger and the elders who are still doing it, how to be a competitive genre by the product and your own investment in your own career.. MB: Tell us why did you decide to split up Stylez N Kardo? S: It was never my decision. If it was up to me SK would be a house hold name by now. Kardo decided to go back to school to further his studies in architecture. That has always been his true love but that’s a subject I really don’t like talking about. Photo by: Jeff Thrower 30 Entrigue Magazine | November 2012