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Stylez is a dancehall pop artist who co-founded the genre POP-TOIS while a member of the innovative dancehall pop duo “Stylez N Kardo”. The duo shared the stage with international dancehall superstars Beenie Man, Capleton, Sean Paul, Mr. Vegas and many others. On his path to success, Stylez has teamed up with platinum producers such as Magnedo7, Chris n Teeb and Dale Dizzle Virgo who have produced for the other artist like Jay Z, Rihanna, 50cent, Trey songs and Eminem just to name a few. Stylez is definitely headed in the right direction. Stylez recently released his latest single and video to his single called “She Katch It” which created a lot of buzz even before its release. “She Katch it” is sure to be a dancehall favorite and the video is definitely an eye catcher. In the next pages we interview Stylez to find out about the man behind the music. Interview by Mark MDot Bucannah MB: You were born in Portmore, Jamaica, tell us about your time growing up there. Give us a little background about yourself. S: Well I was actually born in Kingston and raised in several garrison and middle class areas but it wasn’t until I was around 11 or 12 that I moved to Portmore. I was all over the place growing up man, my mom and dad was separated before I was born so when I got here I was back and forth between homes. My dad was a Taxi Driver and still is and my mom was working 9-5’s but was always a person who believed in entrepreneurship. I have lived in the Garrisons in Kingston from Grans Pen to Dunkirk to Mountain View to central village just to name a few. When my mom and step dad migrated to the USA to make a better life for me and my brothers, we were sent to our fathers and mother, I was sent to my father who lives in Portmore. Growing up in Portmore was definitely fun and also trying because my father was a stern Christian and I was a rebellious teenager that has never really lived with my father for a long period of time and was never really interested in all these rules because I was used to doing my own thing after my mom had left. The order of the day was school, churchand home, well that’s what it was supposed to be but you know that wasn’t going to happen so I used school for my way to link with my friends and we always stayed out late. I enrolled in every activity that required me to stay out late, from football to soccer, track and field and all that just to get away from all these rules. So pretty much I was just looking for adventure no matter where it took me. I got into bad things and good things but overall it taught me a lot about life at a young age! I flunked high school “Clan Carthy High” because I really did not know what career I wanted in life but I did know what I did not want to do. Photo by: Jeff Thrower 28 Entrigue Magazine | November 2012