Entrigue Magazine December 2014 November 2012 - Page 23

DB: You wear crystals in your face during your performances and outings what is the reason for this? M: I am constantly overlooked because people have this false interpretation of what beauty is and what it takes to be a star. A producer told me a female artist doesn’t have to have any writing or vocal ability for him to make her famous. As long as she has the right look a plug-in will give her the right voice. The curiosity in me wanted to know what was the “RIGHT” look and so I asked him. He said exotic and super sexy. I was absolutely stunned. My manager told me not to be. His exact words were:”you’re a diamond in a rough, not everyone is going to recognize you just keep doing what u do”. He always encourages me to continue to be me and not focus on the opinions of others. So the crystals represent that diamond that he sees in me. Thanks to M&J trimming and their unlimited variety of Swarovski crystals I am never without shining. DB: Do you consider yourself a Pop artist, R&B artist or something more? M: I express myself through all forms of music. Pop, R&B, hip hop whatever the track tells me to do I do it. You are who you say you are on a record, as long as your audience is able to connect. I don’t put myself in any specific category I leave that up to my fans. DB: What project are you currently working on? M: I am currently working on a couple of writing projects for different artists while finishing up my next single. DB: Is “EMPTY” your first single and when will it be released? M: Yes it is my first single. It is currently available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and CD baby. DB: Who are you currently working with on your new project? M: Let’s just say it’s a surprise but I have a very interesting line up coming soon so expect the unexpected. Photography: John Scandalios Designer: Amidou Ndongo Hair styled by: ~Nat the Barber~ Makeup by: Picasso Entrigue Magazine | November 2012 23