Entrigue Magazine December 2014 November 2012 - Page 15

EX: What is the strategy behind releasing your current mixed tape “Sixty8 Comeback” for free download? FA: Honestly, it was just my way of letting my fans hear the various styles of music of love and wanted to say thank you for their support which is why it was a free download. My fans are the best! EX: What kind of feedback are you getting from the release of “Sixty8 Comeback” so far whether from friends family and fans? FA: I have had a great response from the release of the mix tape. What was really cool was the response I got from a promoter in LA who worked with The Doors as well as Jose Feliciano - he also covered ‘Light My Fire” and said it was one of the best renditions he has heard to date. I was stoked when I heard that! EX: What is your favorite track off this current mixtape and why? FA: It will be difficult to choose one. I like them all for their own specific reasons so I can’t just pick one. I would love to hear from everyone which one the like the best. EX: Was that actually your mother leaving you a message on the phone on the track “Hey Mama”? FA: Yes it was my mother. We called her while I was recording the mix tape down in LA and my Project manager called her and told her that they were planning a surprise for me and asked her to call back and leave a message on my voice mail that spoke to how she felt about me and the journey I had embarked on. Well needless to say, when she heard the song, and heard the intro to it, she just broke down with sheer joy and happiness that they did that. It was just my way of thanking her for all her support. Entrigue Magazine | November 2012 15