Enlightenment Issue MADE Magazine - Page 51

MADEXXXX MADEINC 03. Invest In Product Development Many founders breeze over what may be the most important aspect of creating a legendary business: product development. Because there are so many great products and services across a variety of landscapes, it is important to establish your value and differentiation factor up front. Without a quality product or service, your business will never take off like it should. Utilize your savings and investors to create a great product. The first step is hiring consultants to offer their expertise and enhance your product or service. g consultants to offer their expertise and enhance your product or service. Hire A Team To Execute Your Vision Without vision the people will perish. Without people, your company won’t grow. When it comes to team-building, establishing your vision for the company allows your team to know where the company is headed. Due to the nature of the startup world, it becomes hard to work for a company that you don’t necessarily know will last. Assure your team of where you see the company going and where each person fits into that vision. 05. 04. Streamline Your Business To Scale Automation is the answer to every 21st century entrepreneur’s dream. Ultimately, saving time by streamlining certain efforts through technology will help grow your business. You can begin to automate some of your tasks, such as social media and email marketing, by using tools like Hootsuite and Mailchimp. Establishing bullet-proof processes allow you and your staff to utilize time efficiently and create powerful long-term growth. made-magazine.com | 51