Enlightenment Issue MADE Magazine - Page 48

MADEINC MADEXXXX BRITTANY APPLEGATE Brand Consultant launched Brand Chicago to provide freelancer guidance on personal branding. Visit www.brandchicago.com for more insight! Creating your visual identity is just the beginning to building your brand. Understanding how to speak to your target audience may require trial and error or collecting feedback to improve your brand. Adjusting to feedback can take your business from good to great. One of the biggest mistakes a creative entrepreneur can make is not incorporating feedback in their process. MADE Magazine’s Founders Row video series contributor, Alicia Gonzalez, founder of Chicago Run explains, “My biggest advice would be to continue to talk to W"67FGVVG2B6FVf"fVVF&6ग2F2v&sbN( 2Bv&rr6FW"FR&w&"&GV7B"6W'f6RpF&W7B6W'f6RW"VVG3( Ф6FVFW&F2FRWFrFR&W7@'&B76&R&W7BFWfW'F&&V0vF6WFFBW"VFV6R26VVrF26F2W"'&BF&V6RfV&P76WBB&W6W&6RFFW&W7FVB7W7FW'2Ĕ4tUfVFW"66v'V7V'67&&RFdTDU"$rFv&P6vG2VG&W&VWW'6B'W6W72Gf6R@FRvR6FRvR6C