Enlightenment Issue MADE Magazine - Page 44

MADEXXXX MADENOW 3 4 “Donald J. Trump’s election is far from legitimate.” CNN It’s so alarming to me that this man (President Donald J. Trump) with all the conflicts of interest he has with his immature rants on Twitter, has been able to get this far. Can you imagine if (former President Barack Obama) tried to do any of the things in 140 characters that this guy has done?” 6 THE BREAKFAST CLUB PHOTO CREDIT Google 5 We’re not all going to play the same role. There’s agitators, there’s advocates, and then there are implementors. We all have a certain role that we play...” “What I will tell you is this, we (black and brown people) have overcome so much in this country than just losing to someone who is a bigot. For decades for centuries even, that has been our reality and so we do know that we are a resilient people and when times get tough we rise to the occasion.” - THE BREAKFAST CLUB THE BREAKFAST CLUB made-magazine.com | 44