Enlightenment Issue MADE Magazine - Page 41

MADEINC S O U N D Aja Brown MAYOR In 2013, Brown was elected mayor of Compton by a landslide, making her the youngest ever to hold the position. As an experienced community development professional, she brought more than 10 years of experience working in urban communities. Mayor Brown has dedicated her career to disadvantaged communities, building a legacy of public policies dedicated to community growth and asset protection. Recently, she published her vision for the city that focuses on policies, plans, transparency, efficiency, finance stabilization, economic growth, business relations, public safety, youth development, health, beautification, culture, arts, and emergency response. Her goal is to continue implementing building blocks that will improve the quality of life for Compton families. O F F ! 6 Influential WOMEN Making Industry Strides Symone Sanders COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTANT A champion for women, Sanders is a democratic strategist, communications consultant and CNN Political Commentator. Her career took off during her tenure as the national press secretary for U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders during his presidential campaign. A communicator with a passion for policy and juvenile justice reform, Sanders has served as chair of the Coalition for Juvenile Justice’s Emerging Leaders Committee and on the Federal Advisory Committee on Juvenile Justice. Offering perceptive analysis on political and social issues, Sanders’ commentary challenges conventional wisdom and outlines how people’s differences contribute to effective social change.