Enlightenment Issue MADE Magazine - Page 40

MADEFEATURES MADEXXXX life once you get the wrong people out of it. I always tell women I’m speaking with to distract yourself with yourself if you’re in this season where you’re trying to hold out. Maintain your values and have someone who really sees you correctly. I think we all have this image in our head of who we want to become, whether that’s learning a new language or losing weight or dance classes. Really start to take on some of those things that make you love yourself more and along the way God will bring someone who falls in love with who you are becoming. MADE: In relationships, how do you know when it’s time to work through something or simply let it go? SJR: I think you have to qualify the relationship. My husband and I talk about this often—it’s all about divine confirmation. That same feeling you get when you’re worshipping or when you’ve heard someone speak and you’re like, “Oh my God, something is happening on the inside of me that I don’t fully understand.” Those are the types of confirmations that we look for in relationships. Is the presence here? Once you qualify that relationship and you know that that’s where God has you, everything is something you should be working through because that’s who God has for you in that season. I think working through things becomes challenging and daunting or even hurtful when you’re trying to work things out with someone who God doesn’t have for you. YOU HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE ON YOUR PRESENT AND WHEN YOU CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE, YOU’LL BEGIN TO SEE TH @DU$R$R%ETDU0d$RDR( ФDSvBGf6RvVBRvfPF6VRvfVVƖRN( 2FFRF66Ɨ6FV"v34#( BFVFBW'62r2RfVVƖPN( 2FFRB2FFRRfRF6vPW"W'7V7FfRW"&W6VBBvVP6vRW"W'7V7FfR^( &VvF6VRF@FW&R&R'GVFW2f&RFRFW&^( 07&VFfGFvFR6FRbRFW&^( 07FfRV6Rf&vfVW72BVƖpFvFR6FRbR'WB^( WfW"&P&RF66W72B2r2RfVVƖRN( 2FFR"F22W7BvbR&Vǒv@F6vRb6WFrFvFR6FR`R&VǒvG2F6vRFVFRf'7BFpRfRFF26vRW"֖B&WBRDSrFR7FV6W&vVBGW&pF6RFff7VBG&6F6V634#&Vǒ6vBF6RG&6FW&G2F6rRvBF6R6V62&PG'rFFV6RG'F7F&VBW@v'6VBWFFB&V6W6R&VƖvআ27V6&B&WWFFW"vVW&FFBB6&RFff7VBf"6VRF&RƖR( ĐW7B&Bv'6( &V6W6RVRF( @vBv2F&VƖWfRFRvW"bFBFFBbv^( &RvrFG&6FRBFFW&0FBVRVFW'7FBvVB6vW@FR6RvW&RfVVFR7BV6Rf 6VRFB&Rv672'WBf"PN( 2v'6BFR&W6V6RbvBF6P6V62bG&6FB&VǒV2ג7&N( @FRvFW72bvFRƖvBFN( 2FvFR6FRbRF&6R&fRג77VW2F&6R&fRג'7F6W2fVVƖRF6PVG2( &vvW"FFR&&V&FW FFR&&V&Vr&vvW"FRW&66R6&( 2&CGGצF'E6FRvR6C