Enlightenment Issue MADE Magazine - Page 37

MADEXXXX MADEINC HOW I MADE IT WITH JASMINE BROWLEY & Chan C. Smith (@JasmineBrowley) of the “HowIMADEIt” Podcast had a conversation with multimedia producer: Chan C. Smith. Here are the cliff notes. On feeling like she had imposter syndrome: “It’s been a constant battle internally to make my best work. I’ve been doing photography and videography since I was eight and have long been a student of the game. Since I’ve always looked to the greats as my roadmap, I consistently thought that my work paled in comparison. But that tweet came after I looked at the work I did for the behind the scenes Russell Westbrook video and thought, ‘my work finally isn’t trash; it’s really good in fact.’” “Somebody pissed me off (laughs). After sending my prices to a potential customer and being told that I was too expensive, I tweeted that out. I started out making music videos for my friends with a home camcorder and a desk lamp for lighting at $100. I’ve come a long way since then and need my pricing to reflect that. I’m charging, not only for my time but also for the cost of production, strategy, travel, editing and equipment. I’ve earned it. Young entrepreneurs should always keep their worth front of mind even at the beginning because no one else will do it for you.” On tweeting about knowing her worth as a small business owner: On tweeting about discerning which projects are worth doing for free. “At this level, I finally found my groove.” “I’m charging for the cost of production. Saying I’m “pricey” won’t get you to the next step in negotiations with me, sorry but not sorry.’ “And there are instances where I will shoot for free. It has to be something very special.” made-magazine.com | 37