Enlightenment Issue MADE Magazine - Page 35

MADEXXXX grocery items from your Apple or Android phone, to your door- same day! How You Can Support: The new Oja Express eCommerce website launched in May 2017. Visit www.ojaexpress.com. designed for every occasion. Each shoe is inspired by different tribes throughout Africa. At workshops, small local families develop pairs of shoes a day by hand using traditional techniques passed down through generations. 5) Fashion: Tawia Designs What is It? Founded in 2013, Tawia Designs is a Ghanaian-American shoe brand based in Chicago that provides comfortable handmade footwear ranging from sandals, boots, lace-ups, shoes, and custom sneakers. Their philosophy is to create unique comfortable shoes that satisfy customers on all levels. How You Can Support: Shop online with them today at www. tawiadesigns.com. Designs ship direct to all 50 States. You’ll be notified via email once items are shipped with tracking information. How Does It Work? Handcrafted in Kenya, Ghana, and Morocco, a variety footwear styles represent rich African culture, while creating and sustaining artisanal jobs within Africa. The shoes are developed through a combination of ethnic craftsmanship and aesthetic creativity Subscribe to FOUNDER ROW to gain more insights on entrepreneurship and business advice at made-magazine.com. made-magazine.com | 35