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MADEXXXX MADEINC tourism industries. Find out more about Preparture at www. prepartureapp.com 2) Educational Platform: Paige & Paxton What is It? Paige & Paxton offers STEM curriculum, content, events and a supportive community to schools, youth organizations, business leaders, and parents. It is specifically designed for Pre-K through 2nd grade level children. How Does It Work? In addition to implementing STEM programs, the company offers make-a-thons. These events allow for a dynamic environment to engage little learners, ages 4 to 7 years old, about the rewards of hands-on discovery, problem-solving and design. It currently works with 48 schools in 11 school districts, including Chicago Public Schools and others in Illinois, New York, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia and the District of Columbia. How You Can Support: Join their community of 3,000 plus Educators and Parents. Visit their website at www. paigeandpaxton.com. 3) Social App: Backspace else. An in-person conversation with a group of friends doesn’t last forever and neither does anything on Backspace. People should feel free to completely express themselves. Since everything you share on Backspace disappears from the social network, people are more likely to express their true selves. How You Can Support: The company is rolling out the next version in May. Download the new version of the app on iTunes and reserve your spot at BackspaceApp. com 4) Consumer Goods / Rentals: Frntal What is It? FRNTAL is a fun, simplistic peer-to-peer marketplace that allows users to quickly list and rent items & spaces locally, on demand. How Does It Work? The concept of Frntal was born with a “Friendly Rental” process in mind. Our team is devoted to simply rewarding those who own high demand items & spaces and convenience a short term renter in need. By doing so, Frntal aspires to be the go-to rental tool that serves all demographics with a simplistic means to access anything! What is It? An moment becomes magical when experienced in real-time together. Instead of focusing on creating memories, like Facebook and Instagram, Backspace aims to enhance your experiences with self-deleting content shared within a group of friends. The app uses group messaging to amplify key moments for 24 hours only. How You Can Support: Make extra cash by sharing items and spaces locally! Visit www.frntal.com for more info. How It Works Here’s the twist, the more interaction (likes and comments) your shared post receives, the longer it stays alive. Interaction from your friends determines how long your shared post stays around. Simply put, the better and more popular your post is, the longer it lives. On top of that, the more popular you are on Backspace, the more influence you have on others’ posts. If you are more popular on Backspace, you have the ability to add more time than someone We take the stress out of grocery shopping for your hard to find traditional foods, so you can have time to focus on more important thi ngs! It’s Simple and Convenient! 5) Grocery Goods: Oja Express What is It? OjaExpress is a mobile grocery delivery service for the busy urban ethnic professional. Find out about the deals that are being offered at your favorite African/Caribbean grocery store! How Does It Work? Visit ojaexpress.com or download the Oja Express app. You can order country specific made-magazine.com | 34