Enlightenment Issue MADE Magazine - Page 31

MADEXXXX MADEINC SprezzaBox Nice Laundry Starting at $28 Access to unique apparel and accessories when you want it. Monthly and prepaid memberships feature up to 6 handpicked products. Looking for more flexibility? You can also shop individual items, bundles and looks for the week. And as a bonus, you can now outfit your best guys on your big day through the Groomsmen Shop. @sprezzabox sprezzabox.com Starting at $49 Reimagining the sock and underwear drawer. There are so many ordering options. Like the Quarterly, Gift and Annual subscriptions. Or, The Packs featuring 6 pairs of socks or 3 pairs of underwear. And, the Best-Seller Boxes with limited styles for the week. You can mix and match Starting at $75 over 100 styles. Then, An online club to help when your garments make your style fun, are down to their last effortless and practical. thread they can be Stylists send you up to 4 shipped back for free items based on your build recycling. and lifestyle. Everything @nicelaundry is yours to keep, and nicelaundry.com exchanges and shipping are free. For every box we sent, $1 is donated towards the cause of helping orphans. @ fashionstorkclub fashionstork.com Fashion Stork Club made-magazine.com | Five Four Club Starting at $60 Each package is customized with your style Y\[H[H\[X\ۈ[Z[ Y[X\XZ]BXY\و\ š][\[Y[^\]B\\[ۛH]Z\ܙKY[X\\[H]\Y܈[[Y][H[YK[\[˜[^H^[\\BYK][\]Bܝ[H]Z^]Y\]Y\XB