Enlightenment Issue MADE Magazine - Page 28

MADELIFE right off the stick. I used a dual fiber brush to pick up the product from the stick and applied it in a dabbing motion all over the face. I used my beauty blender to blend out the foundation and really push it into the skin. To keep the dewy glow look going I used a cream blush instead of a powder. I applied to blush with a beauty blender to get a soft subtle color pay off. The cream blush is by MAC in the color Hi Jinks ($23). When using the beauty blender, apply the blush in a small amount in a stippling motion. Only apply to the apples of the cheek slowly making your way up the cheek bone until it fades into the contour of your cheekbones. To highlight the cheekbone I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in the color Golden Bronze ($40). Use this only in the highest part of the cheekbone. Apply with a large fluffy tapered blending brush. I used the Pointed Contour M438 brush by Morphe ($9.99 at www.Morphebrushes.com). NOTE: If you are oily, it is not recommended to use a highlighter down the T-zone. This will make you seem even oilier. To mattify down the T-zone and set the mattify under the eye area, I used the Skin Perfecting Micro-Powder by Charlotte Tilbury ($45). This powder is perfect for all skin types. By far, this is the best finishing powder that smooths texture and looks amazing on camera and film. To apply powder, I again used the Morphe Pointed C FW"''W6f"FRWW2&WVBFVvFFRW&&FV6WW6Fr&W"FC#F26&PƖVBfW"W6rW7BW"fvW'2F22Rbגff&FR&W'2Fv&vFFV6Fw27FFBFR6'27FBWBf"FR6FrW6VBFRƖR7&RfVW2WGFRC3BwwrƖ7&R6Ғ7F'B'FFpFR6"fVW2FR7&V6R&VF&Vǒv&BW&VV&W"vVǖrWWB0v2vBF7F'BvFƗGFRB'VBBWW6RFW&VB7&V6R&VFr''W6f Ɩ6FFR'RCC&VFr7&V6R''W6CR㓒2W&fV7Bf"F26RW"7&V6R2&VFVBFRFR6"&V&'Fg&FR6RWGFRB&W72BfW FRWVƖB&VW6VBFR6R''W6W6VBFR7&V6RFFB6"FFPƖB6RFR6"fb2FW ƖrFVvFW"fvW'2FRFP6RvVBg&2FR6 6W"7&RC#B&W72fW FRƖBF2vfW2rWFƖ0vrFRƖBB2pvVFR7VG2W"WW2F&VǒRF26VBFR26&w&0V6FR6"&RVG&FRW"BWW"vFW&ƖPC#ǒBVfW"FP&GF6ƖRFVFRFP'RS''W6C2㓒@6VFvRBWGv&G2Fv&BFPWFW"6&W"bW"WRFRvR6#