Enlightenment Issue MADE Magazine - Page 21

MADELIFE energy You’re hanging onto it in your pocket So you think, So you feel, So you are is Your hand is trembling but don’t get it the self-fulfilling prophecy trinity stuck So whether you tell yourself that you're Just give up going to fail or whether you tell yourself Give up, give up that you're going to fly, you're right I beg of you please, please give into the Because your future is what you decide it theft will be Let them run away with the bad So if your drive is to succeed, let go of And then you're good the depression wagon and hand over the And just keep everything that you have key and give up negativity left and just keep Keep your head up And while we’re all at it Give up waiting for the perfect time Because Give up entitlement If you want to be a winner, then you're Give up pride going to have to give up Give up looking for issues in everyone So when fear demands that you else and never searching for any errors surrender and yells, “This is a stick on the inside up!” Give up the fear of not being perfect Don’t run Give up being held back by fear Its got a gun Give up comparing yourself to others And you've got more than enough to online, in life and to everyone else in call it's bluff here So, reach deep down in your pockets Just give up, give up, give up But just reach around all the good stuff You know what else you need to give up? Because you need And we all need to give up Writer’s Note: If other people tal VBFW2FPvFBvR6WFW2FƲFW'6VfW2FVF6RvVB&PfvFrv&G2f"WfW'Rvv2FBFvfRW"vF@FV6VfW2FvfRWF2V6PV6W&vW2FVFFRFBBЧf6RFR&vBvN( 2FvfPWǒvVVFrFPVvFfRFw2FRFRW"ЦWFw&VFW72ƖvFW"&P6FfRBWN( 2vfRWFRvR6DU%$44$5Dt$E4ԕD5D%DTU"%D5B#