Enlightenment Issue MADE Magazine - Page 20

MADELIFE Two Give up your time How can you expect to be counting money when you're always counting sheep? Obituaries keep a list of accomplishments you've got, not how many hours you got to sleep So, wake up Before you take that eternal rest make sure you can rest in peace By spending the rest of your life after hearing this piece Not resting until you leave this earth with your tank on less that E-E-E As inexperienced, exhausted and extremely empty Don’t just ride life until the wheels fall off, that means it just stopped and it didn't D-I-E I said E-E-E That means keep rolling until everything is dead So until that final hour ramp up your horsepower based on what I've said remembering that Closed mouths don't get fed and closed minds don't get ahead So open them up Stay eating and drinking in thinking to stay built like a thoroughbred Here's some food for thought, let's feast on these words and break bread because we're taught One of the traits of an employee with pristine quality In addition to excellence and ambition is punctuality because time is money” And you were brought in to further the company So you need to earn your keep if you want to keep earning your earnings financially But in reality If why you were brought into the world isn't where you work 40 plus hours a week Then you can be on time for your job and still late for the job that you were born to complete How can you spend overtime at work when you haven't even clocked into your destiny? Get out of the unemployment line of your dream and suit up for the role that God hired you to be and that requires your precious little T-I-M-E E-E-E And three Give up negativity Catch yourself a purposely positive point of view and don't net it down with negative made-magazine.com | 20