Enlightenment Issue MADE Magazine - Page 19

Give Up MADELIFE WRITTEN BY DERRICK CHRISTIAN The poem “Give Up” is from the forthcoming “Common Sense” short film written, directed and styled by Derrick Christian. If you want to be a winner then you’re going to have to give up So when fear demands that you surrender and yells, “This is a stick up!” Don’t run, it’s got a gun and you’ve got more than enough to call its bluff So, reach deep down in your pockets, but just reach around all the good stuff Because it’s time to give up Give up excuses But you say, "Excuses are tools of the incompetent used to build monuments of nothingness..."…And yeah brothers and sisters we can all spit it But when your future is on the line does it cross your mind or do you drop and forget it? Remind yourself that when pledging things to memory in times of fear is why it's embedded, embedded, embedded Don't stutter step, step up to the plate and bat so no swing is ever regretted Because learning good sayings to use when bad times get worse is the reason you learned them first They're there to remind you that you're well prepared, not to prove that you're capable of being well rehearsed I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me is more than just a bible verse It was created to be stated to split red seas that waited to stop some from obeying their thirst And in Sprite I mean, in spite Of deep waters estimated, raising a staff vacated what stood between a man and freedom Exert your self esteem Feel underrated but situated over rocky waters are congratulations stationed for you when your work Your hesitations are over weighted, throw them overboard Board dreams you're chasing Branch out from the comfort zone where you're perched I'll translate it When you're tested through troubled seas then notably you'll see you won't flinch when sprinkles of drama will squirt So pay excuses no mind, you're valuable, don't be comfortable left behind Spending them means giving up on your worth So men, get it out of your wallets Ladies dig it out of your purse, it's the thing you need to give up first Excuses made-magazine.com | 19